Wesley, Rebecca, Mahlon and Sara Beth

Making memories TWO at a time!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

All of the kids in the neighborhood.

Our sweet punkin's!!!!

We had a blast at our neighborhood Halloween party today! I am not sure who is more tired. The babies or their parents! What a day! We had 2 busy pumpkins. We had a yummy fish fry, a bounce house, a costume contest, a pumpkin carving contest and a hay ride around the neighborhood. We had so much fun but we are TIRED!
Sweet pumpkins and daddy on their FIRST hayride!!

The babies LOVED the bounce house. They laughed and giggled and fell down and got back up and fell some more. They were too cute!

This is what we would've looked like if we went trick or treating...we were way too tired and already had too much candy! We did go see our next door neighbors.

Our pumpkin won "Most Original" in the contest. Mahlon and Sara Beth help decorate our pumpkin by giving it hair/leaves made out of their handprints! Too cute!
Happy Halloween!!

15 months!

We had our 15 month check up Thursday. I can't believe our babies are 15 months old! They are growing up way too fast! And boy have they grown. Sara Beth is 25lbs 3oz(she gained 2 lbs from her 12 month visit and is in the 90%) and she is 30 inches tall (50% looks like she didn't get the "extra-tall" genes!) Mahlon is 29lbs 3oz.(almost a 2lb gain from the last visit and he is in the 95%. He is 34 inches tall and again in the 110%. What a big boy!
How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?? Mahlon tried to help daddy figure it out! YUMMY!!

I got these cute suds visors for bath time. It is supposed to keep the soap out of the babies eyes...they just think they are fun to chew on!

Cheri and Sara Beth had a big time cruising around the house last week! This is a good shot for those of you that say Sara Beth looks just like her Cheri!

This is what we looked like last Sunday afternoon. The babies had hand, foot, mouth and felt terrible! The only time they weren't crying was if they were sleeping, eating(soft foods only) or if we were holding them. By Sunday night we were whooped and this was our solution. They were as happy as they could be because they were being "held." I felt like I was pregnant again...carrying an extra 25 lbs. on my tummy, not being able to bend or move too quickly! HA! We had about 4 REALLY bad days of fussy babies, but we are healthy now!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Starkville Tailgating!

We finally made it to Starkville for a little tailgating! We had such a busy day! Wesley started the day with a race and then we headed up to Starkville! Our first stop was The Grill for a little lunch! So sad it is not the same place that I loved so much when I was there! It was still good though. Then we headed to the junction for tailgating. We saw so many friends from college and tons babies!!

Aunt Lani bought Sara Beth a "bulldog" Teddy Bear and Mahlon a new MSU hat(he outgrew the other one!!)
Aren't we big!!

Sara Beth got to meet Bully! She wasn't too sure what to think of him, but at least she didn't cry!

The babies were soooo good! We hopped tailgate tents from 12:30-5:30...no afternoon nap for the babies(trust me I tried!!!) This is what they looked like before we left the Starkville city limits!

We didn't stay for the game because it was a night game and the babies had to sleep at some point, but we made it home just in time to see the 100 yard touchdown! Poor bulldogs! They tried!!

Saturday morning Wesley had a chilly start! He ran a 15K at Lake Caroline. He left for the race before me and the babies were even awake! We are so proud of him! This was the longest "running only" race he has done in a LONG time. His goal is a 50K in March! YIKES! I know he'll do great he has the best little cheerleaders to encourage him!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

These are a few random pics from this weekend and week. LOVE Mahlon's orange shirt. My mom is "making" Mahlon's fall/winter wardrobe. It is so hard to find clothes to fit this child!! He is so big for his age, and everything I find is too "big boy." Thanks Cheri!!
The last picture is Sara Beth saying CHEESE!!! She learned that yesterday! Too cute!

Not sure what to think about a pumpkin!

Isn't Sara Beth strong!
Not going to sit still! Too busy!


Happy Fall! Got a few cute pictures of the babies with the decorations at our front door. I painted the little ghost "BOO" and the babies love him. Sara Beth gave him a kiss and patted his pink nose. Mahlon just laughed at him! They loved throwing the mini pumkins all over the driveway(and busted 2 of them!!) They kept saying "ball??"

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A few more window panes that I finished over the weekend...these are for sale if you're interested!
This is the before

And After!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Imperfect Family Rules

This is my latest project. I found this online and had to have one! It's called the "Imperfect Family Rules"!! LOVE THIS!! It is so different...I haven't seen one anywhere. Let me know if you want one for your family! I can customize it with your rules or scripture!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Little man loves to jump in his bed! Hopefully this is just helping his future dunk skills! Remember White men can't jump!!

Little bit showing off walking and daddy and Mahlon playing on the wheeley bug again!!

How fast can Daddy and Mahlon go! I love this little giggle box! Thanks Shay for our fun wheeley bug!

Friday, October 9, 2009


The babies have never been able to sit still long enough for us to read to until a week ago. Mahlon just started curling up in my lap and bringing me books. It is so sweet. He really gets into the books. He turns pages and giggles in all the right places. He really loves it when we make noises like whatever animal is in the book. Sara Beth likes to sit next to us and have her own book. She reads it herself and talks the whole time...she is our Miss Independent!

New Talent!

Last night I went with a group of girls to Easaly Amused in Flowood! It was soooo much fun! If you haven't been I highly recommend it...good girl time and you get a great piece of art that you painted at the end of the night!

This is how we started our paintings...I have been using a pencil! We used ivory paint to draw our flower! Love that!

Jenny's almost finished product!

Girl's night out!

Me and my apron!

My finished painting..."Dance with Me Henry...The Wallflower"

I have started painting in the past few months since Wesley's been traveling. It is my new found relaxation therapy! After the babies go to bed I just sit and paint. I usually have 3 or 4 hours 2 nights a week that are just for me to paint. These are a few of my latest projects.

This was a hospital door hanger I did for Reed and Becca.

This is an old window pane now hanging in our house! I love it! And I'm working on 2 more.

I made these sweet angels for Beth's daughter's(Elizabeth) room! There are cute!

I have lots more I've been working on! I am having a party at my house in a few weeks with 2 other girls for anyone needing Christmas gifts! There will be art, jewelry and frames! Let me know if you are interested!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Pig Tails!

I am doing everything I can to not cut Sara Beth's hair. It is sooo uneven and in her eyes, but I want it to keep growing(she also has a "rat tail" curl!)
Today we had lots of time to play so Sara Beth and I decided she needed some pig tails! She looked soooo cute! She loved them, she couldn't quite figure them out and she would pull on them and then look at me like "that hurt!"
Mahlon did not like those things on her head. He pulled them out 3 or 4 times and kept bring the pony tail holder to me. He would hold his hand out and say "UHH!" I think he was saying "here it is again...how does it keep coming back??"
They are so precious looking out for each other!

Bath time Supergirl!

Sara Beth loves to wear her towel like a cape! She is Bath Time SUPERGIRL! If she only had super powers to get her p.j.'s on herself!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Day in the Country

Yesterday we spent the day at Chapel of Cross "Day in the Country." Aunt Lani and the Oswalts went with us! We shopped, helped judge the BBQ contest, had a picnic lunch & saw lots of funny animals at the petting zoo (but did not touch!) The babies had soooo much fun! They love to people watch. They were so good, and were so tired when it was time to leave...we were too! We had such a fun day!