Wesley, Rebecca, Mahlon and Sara Beth

Making memories TWO at a time!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

First Day of School

Wednesday was our first day of Mother's Morning Out for the fall! I love these pictures, Mahlon is sooooo serious about getting out the door, holding his backpack, S.B. is in her own little happy world...she was so excited to have a new outfit and get to wear her keds! (thanks Maury!) We're in a new classroom with new teachers and some new friends too! Though I think they were a little sceptical, I think they had a blast. Mahlon and Sara Beth were both giving high fives and blowing kisses to their new friends and teachers when I picked them up! And S.B. came hope with a few extra scrapes on her knees...so "outside" time was lots of fun!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Terrific/Terrible TWO's!

5 Days Old

2 Months Old

5 Months Old

9 Months Old

1 Year Old

2 Years Old

Just a little update...
We had our 2 year check-up last week and boy have we grown!!
Mahlon is 37 1/2 inches tall and in the 97th percentile (3 1/2 inches in 1 year!)
Sara Beth is 34 3/4 inches tall and also in the 90th percentile (4 1/4 inches in 1 year!)

Mahlon weighs 35 pounds 8oz. and is over the 100th percentile!! Big Boy! (gain of 7 lbs)
Sara Beth is 31 pounds and is in the 90th percentile. (gain of 8 lbs!)
Needless to say all of the stress of them "not eating" is pointless!

Turning two has been so much fun! They both learn new things every minute!
*They still call each other May-May...funny thing is our pediatricians twins called each other the same name too!...must be that twin language you hear so much about!
Occassionally we'll hear May-May-sissy when referring to Sara Beth.
*If you ask them "how are you today?" they love to say "good!" with a big grin
*If you ask them "how old are you?" they love to yell "TWO!"
*They are soooo good at "pretending", they love to cook and feed each other and whoever else comes to visit, pretend to be mommy and carry their purses, keys and phones, make pretend phone calls, draw different animals (even though it looks like a straight line to us!)...such fun entertainment!
*They love to put puzzles together, color, and paint(especially if they can paint their bodies!)
*Sara Beth is really in to SHOES...she got that disease from Aunt Lani!
*Mahlon loves to "point and name things"(body parts, colors, letters) and he loves to "tackle" his sister!
*They both love to skype!
*Sara Beth's favorite color is PINK!
*Mahlon's favorite color is blue-green(and he says buh-geen)
*They love to play musical instruments and sing!
*Sara Beth's favorite words are "No" followed by "OK" and she started saying "I Love..." She loves corn, blank-blank(her blanket), hop-hop(her lovie)...she loves to say "I Love!"
*Mahlon is super polite and always says "please" and "thank you"
*They are both as stubborn as their momma and DOC and spend a lot of time in "time-out"!
*Just like their mamma they love "chic-chic and fries" (Chick-fil-A...they should, I ate it 4 times a week while pregnant!)
*They love to "read" and be read to..just like their daddy!
*There is a chance Sara Beth may like Mexican more than her daddy!
*We are slowly working on potty training...at this rate they may be closer to 3!!!
This is such a fun age, 2 turning 2 can be a handful sometimes, but we wouldn't change it for the world!!

Family Pictures...August of 2009 and August of 2010!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Perfect Saturday!

Yesterday we had such a fun Saturday! We haven't had a Saturday to ourselves all summer! It was the kind of day that we never really got "dressed" all day...love those kind of days! We woke up and had pancakes for breakfast, went straight to the pool, came home for lunch and a nap and then painted until dinner! These are some of pictures of my little artists!! They had so much fun!

Painting our canvases.

Painting ourselves and each other!

The finished product!

And about an hour and half of FUN!!

More Birthday!

Gran and Daddy spent the weekend with us so we had more birthday presents and fun! The twins had 9 days of being spoiled...splash park, 4 days at the beach and family in town for 4 days! Things have calmed down a little, thank goodness for lots of great b'day presents...their life would be boring after that many days of being the center of attention!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Birthday Party part1

We celebrated Mahlon and Sara Beth's birthday a week late to make sure daddy was home from Colorado! We had an Elmo themed backyard "splish splash" party. It was so much fun! I got lots of great pictures of the birthday boy and girl and our sweet friends and family that helped us celebrate! Don't worry I am only sharing a few... or 20 or 30!

I made a second attempt at baking 2 cookie cakes...the first was the cake I sent to school. My second cookie cake broke in half, so it was either start over (at 9pm the night before the party) or get creative...so I reshaped the cake to look like Elmo! The twins knew just who he was so that was all that mattered...not the cutest Elmo but it worked! And Cheri made the cutest and yummiest Elmo cupcakes to go along with the "Elmo" theme!

We spent the first half of the party splashing in the backyard, blowing bubbles and playing on the new see-saw! The biggest hit was the kiddie slide that ended in the kiddie pool! I think Mahlon went down it 500 times!!

Birthday Party part2

Once we made it inside it was time for singing, cake cutting and presents (or prizes as S.B. calls them)
Doc and Lani helped blow out the candles...Mahlon and Sara Beth weren't quite sure about that part!

But when it was time for presents they dug right in! They had so much fun and got soooo excited with each gift(as you can see from the smiles on their sweet faces!)

When the presents were all opened Sara Beth said "where go?all gone??"...she was ready for more!! Little Stinker!! Then it was time to crawl up in Doc's lap for a little recovery time!

They sure do love their kitchen set and all of the fun cooking utensils and "play food"...S.B. was trying to feed uncle B and instead jammed the spoon half way down his throat!!

We had such a fun time playing with all of our friends and family! Thanks for making "2" so special!