Wesley, Rebecca, Mahlon and Sara Beth

Making memories TWO at a time!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

I have not been the best blogger in 2012! I am hoping to get a little more organized and catch up on the past 2 months(lots of pics!) before summer really gets here!! Keep checking in, I'll have more pics and stories soon! Happy Summer!

Just had to post some of these pics...too cute not to share.
These were just in the backyard. I love what sweet friends Mahlon and Sara Beth are...they do fight and there are some rough times but they truly love each other and take such good care of each other! The JOYS of twins!

 Sweet Hugs!

Yeah...she'll be beating him up one day! Already has him in  a headlock!

Trip to Mobile

At the end of March we headed to Mobile for the weekend to see Lani, Brian and baby Braden! What a little cutie!!

 Of course Mako and Mali had their playtime too...they aren't quite sure what to think about a new baby in "their" house!!
 Love this little smile!

 A little cuddle time with aunt Rebecca, uncle Wesley and twin cousins!

 And we did a "photo shoot" it took 4 adults and 2 cameras to get these shots but it was well worth it!

 And the twins got spoiled with lots of Easter surprises!

 And it was already so warm in Mobile we had some fun in the sun! Bubbles and water!