Wesley, Rebecca, Mahlon and Sara Beth

Making memories TWO at a time!

Monday, March 15, 2010

I gave in!!

So I finally did it!! I trimmed Sara Beth's hair...though she still needs a "REAL" haircut, it is a start!! She loves to have her hair brushed, so Cheri put her in the sink and combed her out and then I got to cutting!! Not much, but it has a cute curl that flips out all the way around! She had the best time watching me comb and cut her hair!! One day I'll break down and actually cut off that baby hair! My baby girl is growing up!!!
A big grin...saying CHEEESE!!!

We headed to Birmingham this weekend to play with the Coulson family! Traveling is always tough with twins, but when you have a house full of toys and 2 new friends it makes it much easier! We ate hotdogs and hamburgers on Friday night while we watched the Bulldogs play basketball...and had some yummy Easter cookies too!
Saturday we spent the day in Atlanta, but headed back for more playtime and dinner out (Mexican!!) And after getting the kids to bed, the moms headed to the New Super Target about 2 miles from their house!!! LOVE IT!!
Sunday was busy getting 4 kids ready for church with daylight savings kicking in!! But we made it and of course got a few pics of everyone dressed up! Now getting 4 kids age 20 months to 3 to sit still and actually look in your direction...nearly impossible...but you can get a good laugh out of a few of these!

All day today Sara Beth has been walking around saying "where Car-Car(Carter) and Mar(Maury) They miss their new friends!!

To finish off our weekend we stopped by to see Uncle Keith and Aunt Doris's new house on our way out of town. And Aunt Doris gave us a bunny and a bulldog for our ride home!!
We had a great weekend with friends and family!

So we had a whirlwind trip to Atlanta on Saturday...We left Birmingham Saturday morning drove a little over 2 hours to get to Nana's house and stayed for a short 4 hours before heading back to Birmingham. But we got some good family time in! We saw 16 Aunts, Uncles, cousins and 1 Great Grandmother and two of her friends! The babies played so hard, gave and received tons of hugs and kisses and they got to have their first taste of ICE CREAM!! That is what Great Grandmothers are for right????

We love our NANA!

Nana has 7 great grandchildren...and Mahlon is the ONLY boy...it didn't bother him one bit! They all had the best time playing with the toys at Nana's house, eating cookies, chips and ice cream!!

Bye Bye NANA!!! Hugs and Kisses!

2 blocks from Nana's house....

1 mile from Nana's house!!! We played hard!!


When we were in Soso 2 weeks ago Doc and Cheri took the twins to see the cows...we are now obsessed with cows (anything bigger than a cat is cow...dog, horse sheep whatever!) One of our favorite sounds is MOOOOOOOOOOO!

This baby was only 3 days old so she wasn't sure if she should be scared or not.

Mahlon kept poking her nose and saying "NOOOOOSSSSE" (if you are around him for more than 5 minutes he'll find your nose too!)

Sara Beth couldn't figure out why this cow wouldn't talk back or at least give a little "moooooo"???

All smiles!!

Checking out the cows in the pasture with my DOC!

We couldn't get enough of the cows and didn't want to leave!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

OK so when anyone asks how the twins are I usually reply...they're a mess. Just wanted to show you what I am talking about. Tuesday morning I was in the shower and so just like every morning I put the babies in the corral and put on Elmo...when I got out this is what I found!!! Now for months they have been "breaking out of jail" but this was a first!!!! And on top of that Mahlon started taking the individual PVC pipes outs and leaving them all over the house! Of course daddy wasn't here so mommy got to put it all back together during nap time!!

This is a baby doll dress that little peanut once wore when she was a few weeks old...now she thinks it is a hat for her head! I can't believe she was that small!! Anyway she wore it half of the day yesterday unless her brother yanked it off. It would keep falling over her eyes and she would run into walls and tables...this was very entertaining for her!

Was trying to get a pic of her here and instead she ran into the table...ouch! No tears though!

We were pretending it was Easter last weekend at Doc and Cheri's...we were dressed up in our Easter outfits and Cheri pulled out our Easter baskets...though there we no eggs to hunt we had a fun time running around the yard and we sure did look cute!

50 K

Well last weekend was the weekend Wesley has been training soooo hard for...the 50 K(31.2 miles on horse trails in the woods!) The Carl Touchstone 50! Friday night we went to the ole Laurel fairgrounds for a pre-race spaghetti dinner. Doc, Cheri and Aunt Lani kept the double days. Then at 4 am Wesley woke up to get ready for his 6a.m. start to the race. I got to the race about 10am in hopes to see him at his 25 mile mark...1 hour and 49 minutes later sweet hubby wobbled over the 25 mile mark. Bless his heart he hurt his knee on mile 2 and continued on for 23 miles!!! He had a little over 6 left when I saw him, but kept saying he couldn't finish. I, being the personal trainer, stretched stretched him and tried to diagnose the problem. After about 10 minutes of stretching he felt much better and took off walking for about 1/8 mile then decided to jog and after one stride was in horrible pain again. He was unable to finish his goal...but we are SOOOO proud of his 25 miles!! Less than 2 months ago he did a marathon and now another 25 miles!! Luckily we think the problem has resolved itself...with a little anti-inflammatory and ice! Go daddy go we are soooo proud!!

Bless his heart you can see the pain on his face, but he said he was running for me!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

These are some of the things I have been working on the past few months...haven't been able to post them because a lot of them were gifts!
This is a Katrina wood cross/bow holder made for our sweet neighbor Brinley for her first birthday!

This is a Katrina wood cross I painted for a friend's birthday!

A bow holder for a baby girl being born in our church!

These are a couple of nursery signs.

This is an art hanger I made for our hallway...for future art projects, we don't do much right now!

This is a dog leash holder for Lani and Brian's dogs...Mako and Mali!

This cross was made in memory of Dr. Triplett (one of my friend's father) who passed away. He was an Ole Miss Rebel and his favorite color was red! It is now hanging on a wall of crosses at Breckenridge Village in Texas.

This cross was painted in memory of Shirley Gautier (Brian's mother) who passed away last month. She loved bright, happy colors! This is also hanging at Breckenridge Village.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Finally a few pictures from our ski trip to Beaver Creek. Yes I skied and loved it! This was our first real vacation(more than 24 hours)that we have been on together in 18 months!! We went with Lani and Brian and had a blast! My mom and Aunt Diane kept the babies for 4 nights(with help from Willie Ann and a visit from Doc) We skied, ate lots, slept in(forgot what that was like!!) and I got a massage. Didn't really take many pictures...I was too busy relaxing!! I am ready for another vacation!! It was wonderful to get away, but we sure did miss our sweet babies...this was the perfect vacation!

Monday, March 1, 2010

On Feb21st Wesley did his first "trail run" race. He loved running in the woods for a change...this was a 17 mile race...to help him prepare for his upcoming race this week...31 miles!

Comfy in our stroller having a little snack...looking for daddy!
Here he comes...only 2.5 miles to go!

We found a cozy spot to wait for daddy!

Daddy crossing the finish line!!!