Wesley, Rebecca, Mahlon and Sara Beth

Making memories TWO at a time!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Chillin' in my chair watchin' ELMO!

What's up dude! Actually S.B. is blowing a kiss while wearing mommy's sunglasses!

Who needs to learn to eat with a spoon!?! Your fingers work so much better!

Just a few pictures from last week! I can't believe they are 18 months old!! We didn't have an 18 month check up, so Wesley and I did our own check up...
Mahlon is 34 1/2 inches (94%) and 31 pounds(94%)
Sara Beth is 31 3/4 inches (48%) and 27 pounds (82%)

We decided to draw a little this weekend...again, eating the markers seems to be more fun than drawing, but they are getting the hang of it!

Daddy brought us to breakfast in our CHAIRiot! What a fun ride!

A few more special orders I've done recently...
Love the rules the Walker family gave me to turn into art!

A beach frame for sweet Sarah Mckinley!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Growing up too fast!

The babies were having so much fun running around I had to get it on video and share with you! Sara Beth has decided she loves baby dolls! Yesterday we went strolling with our friend Brinley and her momma Susan. Brinley kept kicking her blanket off and her momma kept bundling her back up...Sara Beth...being the sponge that she is...immediately came home and got her baby and blanket and spent the rest of the afternoon with baby and blankie!

It is so much fun seeing the twins interact with each other!!

The babies and I have had the best time the last couple of days. The sun has been shining so we have had lots of outside time. Today we played and played outside!! I can't believe this week they will be 18 months!!! Boy time flies!! I am still calling them babies though...most people look at them and think they are 3 years old!! A few new things going on...
Mahlon has started talking...we have no idea what he is saying, but Sara Beth does!
Mahlon LOVES to dance anytime/anyplace, Sara Beth will dance sometimes but it has to be "the right" music.
Both babies now run...rarely walk!
They are very good at sign language...they know signs for milk, eat and more...and they let you know if you can't understand them they'll show you! So precious!
They've both had a growth spurt...up and around their bellies!
Sara Beth is our parrot...whatever comes out of your mouth she will repeat!
Mahlon has learned several new facial expressions...he really likes to open his mouth as wide as possible and "look surprised."
Mahlon has 14 teeth and Sara Beth has 13!
Mahlon has a very assertive "No No!" if he doesn't like something, Sara Beth says a very soft sweet "nooo" what a little Southern Belle.
They both love to sit like big boys and girls at the breakfast table...and yes they are tall enough to not need a booster!
They are both doing a pretty good job at spoon feeding themselves...this makes for a LONG meal and sometimes a spoonful of yogurt turns into a hairbrush! That is fun to clean up!!
Both babies LOVE to weed (read) as Sara Beth says...they are so sweet if you are sitting down anywhere they come and pat your leg until you start reading.
My favorite "new" thing is the babies have started calling each other and themselves "Mey Mey" and "Sissy." So sweet!

One of Mahlon's facial expressions!

Sara Beth took her baby down the slide and said "WEEEEEE!"

Her baby goes everywhere with her!

Mahlon's favorite thing to do is open and shut his playhouse door!

18 months has flown by...probably because I was a zombie for the first 9!! We are so blessed to have such healthy, happy babies!!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Race Day!

We are so proud of daddy!! On January 9 he ran his first marathon!!
Sadly I did not make it out with the babies in the "arctic blast"...I think the wind chill that morning was 15!!!! What perfect weather for a race! It was FREEZING!!!
He did an awesome job...just a few stats...
558 people ran in the marathon
Wesley finished 170 overall in 4 hours 3 minutes and 3 seconds (4:03:03)
9 min 17 sec miles (26.2 miles)
19th out of 32 in his age group
142 out of 360 men
He was the 4th 29 year old to finish the race
He has been training/working so hard and still has his "ultimate" race goal in March! I know what you must be thinking...a marathon is most people's ultimate goal...no not Wesley! His race in March is 31 miles!!
This is the website from the race with pictures of Wesley!
Yeah daddy!!
last name: day
bib number:664

Saturday, January 16, 2010

These are a few of the orders I filled for gifts for Christmas...just now posting them because I wanted to make sure everyone got them(didn't want to ruin the surprise!) The crosses are cut from Katrina wood...50 year old timber that was blown down during hurricane Katrina. A few of the frames I made were from Katrina wood too. The "Message Boards" are made from old army barracks windows...I love making things that have a story/history behind them!

While Cheri was in the hospital we decided to make her a little art to cheer her up! Our sweet friend Ollie gave us an art pad and the these fun markers! While I was helping one twin "draw" the other on was drawing on his/her face, hands, clothes! Oh what a mess, but so much fun!
Here is our card we made!

Here is the art on Sara Beth's hand!

And here is the pink marker on Sara Beth's face...she thought it would be fun to eat the marker!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

riding horsey!

This is our fun game we played with Doc at Christmas...Mahlon was a little too heavy to ride on Doc's foot and he likes to bounce A LOT!! And everytime Doc stopped Sara Beth started "riding horsey" on her own! Doc's sound effects are too funny...BOOM BOOM BOOM!! He's a mess!

This was one of the babies' fun Christmas toys...the mambo combo! We had to take half of down so Wesley and I could still function in our home. It is crazy how toys/children just take over your home!! We are guilty...we let them! This video makes me smile everytime!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Ollie!! Today we helped Ollie celebrate her 1st birthday! The twins had a great time breaking in all of her new toys. Think we may be getting a little car soon! If they had enough room all 3 of them would have been in the car together! Too cute! We had so much fun!

Yummy Birthday cake! Ollie's favorite part was the icing!

More Christmas!

We had more presents to open once we got home from Memphis...Santa left us some BIG BOXES! They love to sit and crawl all over there new chairs.

The next day they emptied out their toy bucket so they could play inside! What a mess, but it was the perfect opportunity to box up "baby toys" and make room for our toys!

Had to show you this one...our neighbor Brinley has been using our swing and she brought it back the other day. They knew just what is was and Sara Beth would point to it and say "baby." So I decided to let them play with it...I am surprised it is still in one piece. They both climbed in...at the same time! Mahlon even stood it in...boy they are some busy little ones! I don't have a picture of that one because I was too busy throwing the camera and rushing to grab them before they fell or broke the swing!!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas in Memphis

We spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day at Daddy Day and Gran's house. What a busy few days we had.
Christmas Eve after the church service at Independent Presbyterian.

Looking in our stockings to see what Santa brought us on Christmas morning!

Cheese Uncle Tete and Aunt Maggie.

Sara Beth and Aunt Maggie in their matching fleeces from Gran and Daddy Day!

Visit with Santa

So we went to Bass Pro Shop for the 3rd time to get a picture with Santa and we fianlly got one! This is not the original, I took this one with my camera so it is not as cute. We waited in line for an hour to sit on Santa's lap for 30 seconds! They didn't really smile, but at least they weren't crying!!
I took a few pictures on our way out the door of Santa's sleigh!