Wesley, Rebecca, Mahlon and Sara Beth

Making memories TWO at a time!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Where are you??

We have a new game we love to play in our house! Our kids are very much into hide- and-go-seek. The best part is they giggle the whole time so they have no shot of being sneaky. Also they think if they can't see you, you can't see them...whether their eyes are closed, or if they are under a blanket...so precious! So here is their new favorite hiding spot...the laundry hamper/cabinet in the guest bathroom. I had to get a picture of this because I am not sure how much longer they will both be able to fit in there!! FYI a few other favorites in our house are behind the clothes in Mommy and Daddy's closets, behind the rocker in the guest bedroom and the easiest place to spot them...under mommy and daddy's comforter(the pillows are usually all over the place and an arm or foot sticking out most of the time!) This has become a nighttime favorite...especially if they are avoiding bath or bedtime!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Our First Family Hike!

The last weekend of February was the perfect weekend for a hike! Not too hot, not to cold! We headed to Holmes County State Park for our first hike. We packed a picnic lunch, toys to play with, a backpack for hauling kids and even the elmo potty seat! We don't pack light these days!!
We began our outdoor adventure on the playground...swings, slides, monkey bars...lots of fun!

The babies loved the "big hill" next to the playground...everything around our house is flat so I think they thought this was a mountain! They ran up and down the hill, kicked a soccer ball down the hill for daddy to chase, and even had a "stick sword fight" just like Captain Hook (we are in a big Peter Pan phase!)
The leaves were quite entertaining too...since we have very few trees in our yard we don't have leaves so they had soooo much fun looking at different shapes and sizes and Mahlon especially loved covering mommy in leaves...see his little face below!

Daddy got a big time workout chasing babies and sprinting back up the hill...carrying an extra 70 plus pounds is tough!!

We had a quiet picnic next to the lake, and then threw a few sticks and rocks into the water!

And then the hiking began! This was the very beginning when we had two happy hikers singing and talking...that lasted all of 2 minutes and then...

one went into the backpack...

and daddy carried the other! What a workout!!!
They loved looking into the creek at all of the tadpoles and bugs! I can remember loving the same thing when I was little!

Little man was saying "CHEESE!!!!" so cute!!
We had a great time on our first hike...Wesley is dying to take them to the mountains, but this was a great start...our little Mississippi mountain!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Princess for a day?

We love Disney princess movies at our house! Especially Cinderella and Snow White. Sara Beth wakes up every morning and lets me know what princess she is that day...it usually changes depending on her mood, and then she dresses in the appropriate dress and shoes and she stays in character. For instance if you say Sara Beth you need to eat your breakfast she may ignore you, but if you say Snow White it is time for your princess breakfast she will clean her plate!!! ONLY MY CHILD!!! Oh and Mahlon is usually the prince, but sometimes he is a wizard or witch again depending on his mood and what he chooses to dress up in.
Anyway this is what they look like in princess movie mode...they are zombies watching Cinderella!

We have a mini Snow White and Prince doll and I got some of the sweetest pictures of them "dancing" with the dolls.

I really think they thought they were dancing with Snow White and the Prince...Sara Beth even gave her Prince a few kisses!! Excuse her bare body we were getting ready for bathtime prior to the ball room dancing! They were spinning round and round and Sara Beth actually fell a few times!

10 days after the snow and freezing weather we were out running around in shorts!! One of our most favorite things to do these days is blow bubbles!! Sara Beth averages a bottle a day blowing the bubbles, Mahlon averages a bottle every 10 minutes because he likes to dump them out!!

Chasing bubbles gets out lots of energy too!

Valentine's day

A very belated Valentine's Day post.

They had precious t-shirts with hearts that Cheri made so they were ready for Valentines Day!
The babies had a fun day at school! Making Valentine's for mommy and daddy, and passing out their very own Valentines! Sara Beth's were of course princess Valentines and Mahlon had Woody and Buzz Lightyear!
Their favorite part was eating Cheetos and yummy heart cookies with lots of icing!

Sara Beth has a little crush on a a boy in her class...Gray...she plays with him whenever she is at school and on Valentine's Day she got a sweet hug!