Wesley, Rebecca, Mahlon and Sara Beth

Making memories TWO at a time!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

MS Children's Museum

One of our Christmas gifts from Doc and Cheri is a year long pass to the new MS Children's Museum! We have been twice already and LOVE IT! There is so much to do! Just a few of our favorites...milking a cow, catching catfish, dancing in the jukebox room and playing dress up!

Christmas party!

December 15th was the babies last day of mother's morning out so that means PARTY! They had so much fun eating lots of yummy food making reindeer hats and opening gifts from their sweet friends! Mahlon's favorite was the cupcake!!

On December 11th Wesley ran in the Madison Half-marathon. Just to brag a little he finished 37 out of 200 and he missed placing 3rd in his age group by 45 seconds! We are so proud of him...that was just a "training run" for the marathon he is running in a few weeks and the marathon in a few weeks is just a "training run" for the the 50K he is doing in March!!! CRAZY! Oh I forgot to mention we were waiting at the finish line with a bag of donuts to aid in his recovery!!

We had a girls day on December 10th! Disney Princesses on Ice was in town and since Sara Beth wakes up every morning as a different princess we had to go! We went with our friends Jennifer, Ollie and baby Danni!! The girls had the best time! The show was great! During intermission Sara Beth said she needed to do it again! And when the show was over she said "mommy I need to do it onnnnne moooooore timmmmme!!!" So sweet!
Tinkerbelle was the star of the show and Sara Beth wasn't sure who she was so she kept calling her a butterfly!
WE love the 7 dwarfs!

Of course Cinderella was the favorite, but Sara Beth and Ollie were a little scared of her in person!

While we were having a girls day Wesley and Mahlon went to the MS Childrens museum!
Mahlon had so much fun exploring all different parts of the state of MS! Log cabins, farmers market, catching catfish in the MS river!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Last Minute Christmas pics!

I decided at the that since it was already December and I hadn't scheduled anything with a photographer that it was up to me and my camera to get "the perfect photo."
Of course I picked the coldest/wettest day of the year to do these photos!! I did manage to get a couple of cute pics and everyone has been telling me lately how much they look alike...well here is the proof!! Sweet twins!!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Thanksgiving Weekend

We headed to Memphis for Thanksgiving with Gran, Daddy Day, Aunt Maggie and great Uncle Tete. The babies had a big surprise when they got there...Daddy Day built them their very own airplane!!! Just like what daddy flys in to go to the mountains for work!! They had the best time going round and round the back yard either flying or helping Daddy Day drive!

Hugs and Kisses for great Uncle Tete
Mahlon and Sara Beth LOVE music...especially if they make the music themselves!! They love entertaining everyone at Gran and Daddy Days!

Family photo after church on Thanksgiving!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Time to catch up on the month of November!

We spent the first weekend in Soso. We celebrated Docs birthday on Friday the 5th and then woke up Saturday for my first ever 5K!! It was about 25 degrees, but I loved it! And I finished 3rd in my age group! Don't have any pictures...everyone was still cuddled up in their warm beds while Wesley and I ran!
Saturday afternoon it warmed up enough for a tractor ride, feeding the cows and a little playground time.

Sunday it warmed up even more and we played more on the swing set and got a few family pictures after church!

Our new favorite Saturday tradition at our house is daddy making chocolate chip pancakes!! And when we have a lazy day with no where to go we add a few cartoons and breakfast in bed to mix!

On the 19th we went to Starkville for the last home game against Arkansas with Lani and Brian and left the kiddos with Cheri! So much fun! Most exciting game I've been to in a long time!

We had a busy month and I haven't even gotten to Thanksgiving yet! We were just glad Wesley was home for most of the month!!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Madison Heights Fall Festival

Sunday was the Fall Festival at our church. We had so much fun with our friends at church and a few of our neighbors came too! We went on a hayride around our property where will soon start building!! There were all kinds of bounce houses and slides, a BBQ picnic, and dunking booth for the ministers (Sara Beth loved seeing them "dump in the wah-wah!!")
3 little buddies bouncing together!!

4 little buddies playing their first Bocce Ball game!!
So proud to have daddy home.
We spent most of the day sliding with the big kids!!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Hatheway Lake Halloween Party

Friday night we had our neighborhood Halloween party! So much fun! A bounce house, hay ride, pumpkin contest, and costume contest followed by trick-or-treating around the neighborhood! We don't have a ton of pics from party since I was running around like a wild woman...chasing 2 two year old and being in charge of a party with 100 people pool side will do that to you!

S.B. getting a litle scarecrow sugar!
It was cooler on Friday so we had to layer the little 'prin-prin", luckily monkey boy was plenty warm!
Our Neighbors Kaden and Brinley went with us on the hayride around the neighborhood!

Then we headed out for a little early trick-or-treating...first stop, our neighbors Mrs. Ju-Ju(Judy) and Mr. Donny.

We stopped at Brinley's for a quick photo opp! A wee little pig, a monkey and a princess! What a trio!!
Trick-or-treat Mrs. Anna!