Wesley, Rebecca, Mahlon and Sara Beth

Making memories TWO at a time!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sara Beth "the little fish"

Mahlon is such a good swimmer!!

10 months old!

Yesterday the babies turned 10 months old! I can't believe they are almost one! Time has flown by...I want it to slow down. Our sweet babies had a busy day yesterday. We went to the Renniasance Fine Arts Festival yesterday morning and saw all kinds of people I haven't seen in a while and then we made our second trip to the pool. This time it was a success! We had the pool to ourselves (wonderful benefit of being in a new neighborhood!) The babies loved it. Mahlon splashed and kicked and squeeled! Sara Beth loved the water, but did not like getting splashed in the face by her brother --I think we are going to have many more summers of Mahlon splashing S.B. in the face! Another thing I discovered were their SPF bathing suits...this cut the suncreen time in half and made for a much more pleasant afternoon for everyone! I have some cute videos of swimming babies I hope to download soon!

9 month check-up (late)

As you can see from this picture we have some healthy 10 month old babies. We went to the doctor on Friday for their 9 month check-up(one day shy of turning 10 months.) The babies are getting so big. Mahlon was 25 lbs. 11oz.(95%), 31 1/2 inches tall(off the chart 100% plus...go figure), head 47 inches (90%)...he is his daddy's boy! Sara Beth was 22 lbs. (97%), 28 1/2 inches tall(75%), and head 46 inches (90%). Dr. Storey was impressed with their size. They had to get one shot and get their thumb pricked (they only cried on the shot!) We did find out that they are slightly anemic which means taking those yucky vitamins for a few months, but we'll do anything to keep us healthy and strong! Wesley and I were looking back at pictures from the NICU and it is so hard to believe that our ginormous babies were that tiny and fragile! We have so much to be thankful for! The Lord has truly blessed us!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

New at our house

OK Just a few things that are happening this week at the Day household...
1. The babies are in to EVERYTHING! In this picture Mahlon found the pantry and all of the fun things in it...sprite, diet coke, grocery bags(that make noise!)

2. Sara Beth started pulling up last week and now that is all she wants to do...after watching her for a week Mahlon is pulling up too(tonight was his first time, we didn't even know he was trying!)

3. We are teething again...in our house this means lots of spitting up and very little sleep! Sara Beth is getting a third tooth on the bottom and one of her "fang" teeth on top! It is too funny! Mahlon has all kinds of little bumps in his gums, but no new teeth cutting through yet. He still has 2 and Sara Beth is working on 3 & 4!

4. Mahlon thinks he is HEMAN! He is defintly going to be a line-backer. He tackles Sara Beth several times a day...if you see her I promise we don't beat her...between the bumps on her head when she falls, the bruises from her brother and her Aunt Lani's fair skin she looks polka dotted! Bless her HEART!

5. We have our 9 month check-up on Friday--1 day shy of turning 10 months(we'll be 10 months old on Saturday)...I bet we'll be off the charts. Mahlon is bigger than most 1 year olds. I'll post the stats this weekend.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

OK so let me tell you about our Sunday...

We went to church this morning and worked in the nursery which is always fun! The babies were worn out...of course they didn't nap. So once we got home they napped in the car for about 50 minutes(I sat in the passenger seat and put photos in my albums!) They had lunch and then went down for their regular nap time...same old same old...
Anyway the rest of our day was WILD! The babies woke up screaming...never a good thing...someone must have had a bad dream and cried out then that woke the other one up.
So all I have been wanting to do since Friday is go to our new pool...it just opened and everyday we go walking and we walk down to the pool to check out the progress...so finally it is ready and the forecast is rain for the next 5 days!! Once the babies were awake I knew we had 1 hour of "happiness" before it was time for a bottle. After the battle of the sunscreen(a horrible screaming experience) we got our suits on,swim diapers, grabbed the floats, sippie cups, extra diapers, towels, hats...the list goes on and keep in mind we have 2 of everything!! We drive down to the pool, get out, look up and a black cloud is hovering over the pool! It had been sprinkling on and off all day so we thought "this too shall pass." Yeah---no such luck! We unloaded everything got the babies in the "baby pool" for about 2 minutes (the water was freezing by the way) and a monsoon came!! Wesley looked like he jumped in the pool by the time he got all of our stuff under the shelter! Anyway we decided to wait out the storm and we waited and waited and waited. Finally I gave up, put dry diapers on the babies, wrapped them up and we headed to the car in the rain.

We headed home, pulled in the drive-way and the rain stopped; blue skies for days!
By now it is bottle time. We fed the babies and since the sun was out we decided to blow up a baby pool that I bought on clearence at TJMAXX. I love this little thing and the babies do too!

We added a little warm water to it and the babies had the best time...I was just getting ready to lay out on my new chaise lounge until it started raining again! The babies were already wet so we just let them keep playing. Wesley and I ducked under the umbrella to stay somewhat dry. Anyway the rain stopped but then we had another issue. I have always told you that we like to learn things the hard way, well we put the babies in this pool in their regular diapers (not swim diapers) I thought it would be OK for just a little while...HA HA I know you moms out there are laughing! The babies had little pieces of gel all over them and all over the pool! That is why swim diaper are so darn expensive.
Well the splashing continued only it was in the bath tub.
We were whooped after this pool/non pool experience. We decided pool days were for weekends only and we need to make sure there is time for mommy and daddy to get a nap to recover!!

Splish Splash

Once we finally thought the rain stopped we played in "our" pool!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

giggle boxes

These babies love their daddy...don't they have the sweetest giggles!

I love Sara Beth's sweet laugh and smile!!

Sara Beth is pulling up on everything! She is such a big girl...she still thinks she is a dog though!

Friday, May 22, 2009

These are just a few more of the pictures from our photo shoot this week.

First Hair Cut!

Sweet Mahlon has the most hair of any 9 month old that I have ever seen. I was hoping he would have that flowy hair with little curls on the end and that I wouldn't have to cut it for a long time...no such luck. He has his daddy's hair...I am glad it is thick(Sara Beth got my thin hair) but the strangest thing happens-Just like Wesley the back and front are fine, but over his ears it grows incredibly fast. I have been tucking it behind his ears for a couple of weeks, but knew it was time to cut it. I washed it, spiked it up funny, then gave him a little cut yesterday.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Photo Shoot

My sweet friend Suzanne took these precious pics of our family this week...we went out to Reunion and had a photo shoot! She took 200 pics...I won't share all of them with you, just a few...as I pick out my favorites I'll add them to the blog!
Have a Happy Memorial Day weekend. It is going to rain here all weekend! We're sad because our neighborhood pool opens tomorrow...if we get to go you know I'll have pics of our first swim experience!

Double Trouble

Help! I have 2 speed racers!! They have so much fun crawling EVERYWHERE! And they get into everything! This is how a new mom stays thin...either you don't have time to eat or you burn all of your calories running around saying "No, No" to everything! Aren't they precious!

Monday, May 18, 2009

After spending the week with 2 dogs I think Sara Beth thinks she might be one!! She now crawls around with a toy in her mouth! She is one cute puppy though!

Mako and Mali

The babies had a big time at Aunt Lani and Uncle Brian's last week. They really enjoyed Mako and Mali. I think both babies picked up a little crawling speed chasing their new friends. Mako and Mali loved all of the attention and they gave the babies all kinds of kisses/baths! Now that we are back home the babies think Lucy and AnnaBelle (our cats) are just as loving as those big dogs...not so much. They have been hiding and everytime a baby tries to catch them their tails get big and they take off! It is too funny!

As you can see it is hard to get 2 babies and 2 dogs to sit still!


Last week we went to Mobile to see Lani and Brian's new house and then Doc and Cheri came to keep the babies and we had a night(actually about 36 hours) away from the babies at the beach. This was my 2nd night in 9 months away from the babies(Wesley has had business travel so he has been away a little more)It was a great night. We left on Friday and headed to Foley for a little shopping. I was in great need of clothes that actually fit! Anyway after shopping we checked in to the Hilton and took a walk on the beach...I love the beach! We got dressed and headed to dinner at Cosmos...yummy! The highlight of our night was the Sugarland concert at The Wharf Amphitheater. They put on a great show! Jennifer Neddles is Hilarious!! These are a few pics from the concert.
Matt Nathenson

Billy Currington


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day

These are a few pictures from my first Mother's Day weekend.
The babies are getting too big to hold at the same time(I can and have to sometimes...it just doesn't make a "CUTE" blog picture!!)

So Saturday night after dinner I had a sweet tooth...Wesley went to Kroger and this is what he brought home! The world's largest cupcake!! And it was decorated just for me HA!HA! He was proud!

Happy Mother's Day to me! Wesley and the babies gave me this chaise lounge so I can work on my tan this summer (maybe during nap time)! I also got some mommy time on Saturday to pamper myself with a manicure and pedicure and I squeezed in a nap---thanks to my sweet hubby!

We had a great weekend with the babies. So many new things have happened over the past few days...here are a few pictures to show what is going on.

The babies have started pulling up! They are getting so strong and they are in to EVERYTHING!

Here we are finally using a sippie cup...We tried 3 different ones and so far this is the winner(Nuby?) Anyway they still chew on them a little, but they do actually get juice from the cup! YEAH!!

And it is official...Mahlon is crawling. Sara Beth has picked up speed and Mahlon is trying to catch up. It is so cute, but I am really about to be in trouble. Two babies going in 2 directions and there is only one of me!!YIKES!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Part of our day Friday

Now that Sara Beth is crawling she is into everything! This is her first mess as a crawler...She knocked the box of Triscuits off of the counter while I was washing her hair covered in food after a "battle of the veggies" at dinner. I forgot the box was in the floor and after getting her all cleaned up and putting her down in the den, she crawled right back into the kitchen and found her box...and the picture says it all. She nibbled on the box and a few triscuits for a good 10 minutes...at least I knew where she was!

On Friday morning I was doing a little work outside and Sara Beth couldn't stand it that she could see me and couldn't get to me. Wesley brought her outside in the walker and after a few minutes of her being in the sun I decided to get a little creative! Isn't she cute with her umbrella! I think I should patent this...it is amazing what a few zip ties will do!

Friday night went over to Lane and Jenna's house for dinner. The babies had the best time with Ava Grace. They loved watching her walk and scoot and really loved her musical instruments!

So Ava Grace is 13 months old and she and Mahlon are the same size! Our sweet boy is going to huge! He did have fun playing with Ava Grace...she wasn't too fond of him pulling her hair!

After the babies nearly emptied the basket of toys they moved on the our diaper bag. Who knew a diaper bag could be so much fun!