Wesley, Rebecca, Mahlon and Sara Beth

Making memories TWO at a time!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

MC football

Wesley took Sara Beth and Mahlon to a Mississippi College Football game today! They had the best time and daddy got a lot of cute pictures too! They sat right up front in the middle of the action(aka the cheerleaders!) Sara Beth Cheered her little heart out!

While Mahlon watched!

In fact she was such a good cheerleader she got to cheer just like the big girls!
But if you ask her about it she'll tell you she was just a little shy!

Then daddy took them to the big coliseum where he played basketball. Mahlon walked in and his eyes got really big and he said "Dad, this is AMAZING!" So now Wesley can't wait to take him to a basketball game! They ran and played all over the court and then stopped to pose for a pic for daddy!

This one is Christmas card worthy...I think it is soooo sweet and they look so much alike! Love it!!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Happy Halloween!

We had such a fun Halloween this year!! All week Mahlon and Sara Beth kept asking what we were going to be for Halloween??? Wesley hasn't dressed sometime when we were dating 8-9 years ago so I never imagined he would do anything. I however planned on being a black cat or wear a dress and a witches hat...something easy. The day before Halloween I decided I would make use of an old bridesmaids dress and be a princess too (just like princess Sara Beth)We have multiple tiara's, throw in some sparkly jewelry and voila a princess costume!!! Now the morning of Sara Beth asked her daddy what he was going to be...of course he said I'm not sure, thinking he could get out of it!! A few minutes later she says "Daddy, will you be my Prince?" He could never so "no" to her blue eyes looking up at him! So the babies and I went to Party City to see what was left...and we came home with a child's King costume! HAHA!! And Wesley loved it!
So here we are...Introducing the Royal Day Family!!

We had several families over for pizza prior to Trick-or-Treating!
And of course Sara Beth was the only princess! Sara Beth, Austin, Collin, Mahlon, Brycen, Tristen and baby Caleb

Our first house of the night even had their puppies in costume!