Wesley, Rebecca, Mahlon and Sara Beth

Making memories TWO at a time!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

An Afternoon with the Coulsons

Sally, Maury, Carter and Caroline came in town to visit grandparents and spent the afternoon with us! We met for lunch at Pizza Inn which was surprisingly tame with 5 kids ages 10 months-5 years!
Then we headed to the playground in our neighborhood for a little outside time after yesterday's stormy weather.
Once it was time for Caroline's nap we came home for a little dress-up!
These sweet girls see each other one or 2 times a year and they had the most fun!

These two were hilarious!

Wedding Barbie, Princess, Prince and King

After ballroom dancing for a bit in the driveway it was time for motorized fun!
I love how they are looking at each other probably saying go faster! The girls had fun chasing these wild drivers!

Eventually all of that running landed them in the LARGE water puddle, so we gave in and put them in their swim suits! I tried a slip-n-slide, water sprinkler and every toy imaginable, but the puddle was the most fun!

Maybe if we play in it after every rain daddy will take a hint and take us to the beach!!! They were making "water angels."

After soaking the clothes and bathsuits and washing shoes and socks, I think we will avoid this puddle as much as possible...I can't believe I let them "swim" in it!! They may need to soak in BIZ over night!!

We had such a fun afternoon and hope to play with our sweet friends soon!

St. Patty's day parade

We had a fun time at the St. Patty's Day Children's parade! We saw Inky the Clown, lots of different animals from the zoo and the science museum, and tons of pets from the pet parade!

And of course we were all decked out in GREEN!!
Sara Beth tasted her first moon pie...not exactly what she thought it would be!

So we went for GREEN cotton candy! Sara Beth loved it...

Mahlon...not so much!

It was a fun outing for sure!! Maybe one day we'll be brave enough to take them to the "real" parade!

Photo Shoot!

This is all I have to show from my weekend in Mobile...pictures of this precious baby boy!! I spent most of my time trying to capture the perfect picture!

And I think I did!! Sweet baby boy one month old!

Little Chefs!

I went to spend a weekend with Lani and Braden while Brian worked nights and Aunt Maggie came to help Wesley with the twins. They had a big time especially in the kitchen! They made pizza for dinner and cookies for dessert, went hiking and played on the playground! Lots of fun in one weekend!

Just Like Daddy!

Mahlon and Sara Beth Love to play dress-up. One day they are a prince and princess, the next they are "getting married" and lately they've really enjoyed being mommy and daddy...the downfall there are many days I'll walk in our closets to find 5 or 6 mommy/daddy outfits in the floor! They have so much fun and really get into character, with cell phones, purses, wallets, laptops...hillarious to hear some of the things they talk about!!
This is Mahlon "being daddy". Picked the outfit out himself...hat and all! So cute!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day was lots of fun at our house. Why...??

Because Mahlon and Sara Beth got umbrellas and raincoats!

Who knew umbrellas were so much fun!

Daddy brought both of his girls roses...Sara Beth's were in a vase and mine were in a large pot! I wanted a big knock-out rose for our yard and that is what I got!

Doc and Cheri sent some fun gifts too! books, a barbie pool, transformers...lots of fun surprises!

Our little Valentine's will hopefully stay dry during March and April Showers!