Wesley, Rebecca, Mahlon and Sara Beth

Making memories TWO at a time!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Prayers for Stellan

Please Pray for this child. I found this site through another blog, and I broke down when I started reading about this sweet baby and what this family is going through.
A few days shy of one year ago we were in the hospital with our premie babies, and this brought back so many of those emotions. Our babies weren't "sick" they just needed help catching up, but remembering the hoses and tubes and low body temps that she talks about just brought all of those feelings back. We are so blessed to have healthy babies(not to mention their gianormous size!) They have come such a long way...at birth they had feeding tubes and now they feed themselves anything and everything. Thank you for all of the support and prayers over the past year for our family and sweet babies. Please add this family to your prayer list.

water bum!

Sweet Mahlon loves bath time...his new favorite thing is to lay back and relax. He looks like the biggest beach bum! He loves the water! If we sit him up he goes right back down...hands always behind the head!

Lee, Jamie and Coleston came over this weekend to play with Mahlon and Sara Beth. They brought Mahlon and Sara Beth their very first birthday presents!

Coleston helped Mahlon open his and get it out of the bag...he just had his first birthday so he has had lots of practice!

Thanks so much for our finger puppets and books!
Coleston really liked his sandbucket...it is a great hat!

It was so cute watching them interact...Coleston gave the babies sweet hugs! I think the babies were amazed that someone "their size" was walking around! Maybe he'll rub off on them...we're not too far from walking YIKES!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sara Beth really misses her daddy! She kisses his picture every night before bed! Isn't this the cutest thing!

This is from a few weeks ago, but I thought it was too cute...little speed racers!

Today at Doc and Cheri's we found a new way to entertain 2 babies at one time!

Madison Heights Church Water Picnic

So Friday we were in Birmingham, Saturday we were in Atlanta, and Sunday we made it back in time for the church "water" picnic. We had great food, great fellowship(I think our church friends were beginning to wonder if we were ever coming back) and the babies had so much fun "swimming"! The church had all kinds of pools and slides set up for all ages. What a great way to wear down the babies after being in the car all weekend...I think we may have been more exhausted! It was a great way to end the weekend and begin a new week.

Nana Banana From Atlanta

On Saturday afternoon we headed to Atlanta to see Nana (Wesley's grandmother)We were already in Birmingham so it was a short trip. She hasn't seen the babies since November (except in pictures) so she was amazed at how big they were.
Sweet Sara Beth was so gentle patting Nana on the knee, holding her fingers, and she even gave her a big wet kiss(really a lick on the cheek---baby kisses are the sweetest)

It is so hard to get 2 babies still long enough to get the "perfect" picture! They are so busy!!Looks like Nana was having fun!

Mahlon had a big time playing with Nana's cane. He flipped it around and crawled over it and tossed it in the air! His face looks like he is "busted" for playing with something that is not a toy!
I set my timer to get this picture so it is not the best, but we are all in it!

This is my favorite! Everytime you leave Nana's house she walks to the edge of the carport and does her funny wave. I love it and look forward to it everytime. I think this picture turned out great considering it was through the car window.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The last month

I haven't posted in a while because of all that is going on with my dad and I haven't had much time to myself with Wesley being out of town. After 4 weeks of being in and out of the hospital my dad is doing better. Just a run down on the last 5 weeks...Wesley left town (Shreveport) on the 15th of June for one month, my dad went into the hospital(ICU) on June 18th with sepsis due to E-coli in his prostate...on the 16th he had a prostate biopsy and when they cut the prostate it released the e-coli into his body. He was in the hospital for 9 days, got to go home on IV antibiotics for 10 days, got released by 1 doctor on Monday, the other on Wednesday and on that Wednesday night was back in the ER with 2 kidney stones. After a Lipotripsy on Thursday afternoon, they released my dad to go home on Friday morning. By Friday afternoon he was again having severe pain and fever. That is when we decided the best care for him was in Jackson. Thanks to one of my sweet doctor friends everything was set up for him by the time he got to Jackson. Since Friday the 10th he has had 2 more surgeries to remove kidney stones and was finally able to come home on the 17th! He still has one more surgery to go--in a few weeks he'll have surgery on his prostate...we are still praying for a miracle that he won't have to have it.
In the middle of all of that me and the babies have been on the road back and forth to Soso and Hattiesburg, went to Shreveport for a few days before the 4th and my parents came here for the 4th...IV antibiotics and all! I have had lots of help from family and friends to prevent me from feeling like a single parent and to get in a nap here and there.
And with everything else going on I had to stop in the middle of that and have an endoscopy done (for my reflux issues)...Jennifer and Ollie took me to the doctor and drove my loopy self home(I think I talked her ear off!)I did get some good rest that day! After leaving Aunt Lani with the twins for about 6 hours I think she decided she doesn't want any!!(at least not 2 at one time HA HA!!) They wore her out! They wear me out everyday I am just used to it!
Wesley did get to come home the weekend of the 10th and the babies wore him out too! He napped when they napped. He'll continue to work out of town a few days a week, but anything is better than only seeing him 3 times in 4 weeks! His babies missed him so much. I have the sweetest video of Sara Beth giving a picture of Wesley a kiss. One day when I have time I'll post it...along with more videos and pics!

Last week Daddy Day and Gran came for a visit and to help with the babies while I was at the hospital with my dad and Wesley worked. The babies kept them quite busy and entertained!

This past weekend we went to Birmingham and Atlanta...a whirl wind trip! We stopped at the Coulson's new house to let the babies burn off some steam(this was the worst road trip we have EVER had. The babies screamed 85% of the time...they slept the other 15%. So playing hard with Maury and Carter's "new" toys was just what they needed. Of course I didn't have my camera but those kids are so precious and growing soooo fast!
Saturday we went to my sweet Katie's wedding. Katie Madden Saunders is like my little sister. As she says I "paved the way" for her. We went to high school together, both were Golden Girls (dance team), both were captains of the dance team a few years apart, both went to MS State, both were DG's at State...you get the idea. I've always called her "my sweet Katie." She and Harris got married at the Botanical Gardens in B'ham. Again I didn't have my camera, but she looked beautiful, she had a gorgeous dress and it was a "Katie" wedding...simple yet elegant. We were glad we got to be a part of it!
As for the rest of the weekend that will have to be the next post...this one is way too long!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

Today we celebrated the 4th of July with a little of Cheri's BBQ chicken, ribs and back yard swimming! No fireworks for us...the babies go to bed before it gets dark. Anyway Wesley is still working out of town, but Doc and Cheri came up to celebrate the holiday with us. The babies had a big time swimming...I think Mahlon had more fun crawling all over the grass. This was a first, usually he hates the way grass feels. He crawled all over the yard. We got some cute video so I'll add that later. Hope you had a Happy 4TH! We sure do miss our daddy and we're counting the days (10 to be exact) till he gets home!

We found another "new" toy in our house! The tupperware cabinet. It took about 3 minutes to empty in out, but it kept Mahlon and Sara Beth busy for about another 15 minutes! Yeah we love these toys! 15 minutes in one place is a record!

Mahlon's face says "Did I do something wrong??"

Sara Beth wearing her new hat!

Mahlon seeing what else is in there!

Whew all of tupperware makes you tired! I love to cuddle with my DOC!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Rolling Anyone??

I know you know what I am talking about!!?? When I was in Jr. high and High School when you liked someone you "rolled there yard"...not quite sure why you covered someones yard with toilet paper if you had a crush on them?? Anyway looks like Mahlon's fascination with "rolling" has started a bit early. I bet when he grows up he'll be a good T.P. thrower because he's gonna be as tall as the trees!! Too bad by the time he's in junior high they'll arrest kids for trespassing and vandalism!!

Who needs toys when you have 3 bathrooms with toilet paper! He has found 2 of the 3 this week!!