Wesley, Rebecca, Mahlon and Sara Beth

Making memories TWO at a time!

Friday, October 31, 2008

3 month pictures

Yesterday we turned 3 months old! And it just happened to be the day we got our 3 month pictures! No I am not that organized, the photographer picked the date. We were trying to get a family photo for our Christmas card...these are a few pictures that my mom took. I'll post the photographers website once our pictures are up. We have a funny idea for a Christmas card, we'll see if it works! Sara Beth had a break down once we put ont their Christmas outfits, but Mahlon had a big time. She got some of the cutest smiles out of him!
In celebration of our 3 month birthday we put the babies to bed at 11:15 and they slept until 6:30!! There is HOPE! WE are so rested today!!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Pumpkin!

Last night we had a pumkin photo shoot to practice our smiles and poses for our 3 month pictures...today we are 3 months old!! Sara Beth was a little ham...leaning on the chair or the pumpkin. Mahlon was a little fussy because he was hungry, but we got a few good pictures of him.

Happy Babies!

Yesterday morning we found out that Sara Beth likes to talk on the phone. Aunt Lani called while Sara Beth was being fussy, we put the phone on speaker phone next to her ear and she just talked and cooed to Aunt Lani. Her favorite word is AAH-GOO!
This morning Mahlon talked to me for the longest time...I captured his conversation on video and once I figure out how to download it to the blog you'll get to see it!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

New Decor!

This is my new window art! Instead of hanging a wreath or 2 on my double doors, Shay is painting Seasonal or holiday window art. I'll have something new each month or holiday! I am so excited...she is so talented. Check out her blog she can paint for you too!! Sorry this isn't the best picture...everything reflected in the window. www.shaymaries.blogspot.com

Have you read the book...

I've had a terrible,horrible, no good, very bad day??!! If you read the previous blog you'll know that we woke up this morning with no heat. 10 hours later and a day of bundling babies and wearing sweats the guy finally shows up to fix it. Well...this lovely picture is the hole Wesley left in the guest bedroom when he fell from the attic while "fixing" the heat with the heating and cooling man!!!!!! Thankfully he only has a cut on his arm...after a few foul words and many tears I have finally found humor in all of this. For those of you who have been praying for us please don't stop!! Your prayers kept Wesley from breaking his body, but now we have a hole to patch and paint!! If things happen in threes we have one more to go. Maybe Wednesday will be a better day.

Snug as Bug in a Rug!

This morning we woke up with 2 adults, 2 babies, and 2 cats in one bed and a house with no heat!! Today was the first big cold spell...frost on the ground and windsheilds! Our house was 59 degrees! Thanks to Uncle Bobby and Aunt Marie we zipped up our little bugs to keep them warm. I wish Blanket Sleepers came in my size! It has been 4 hours since I called the A/C heating company and still no heat! It is supposed to drop to 32 tonight...I am not a happy mommy!

Daddy on baby duty!

Saturday I got to get out of the house for a little while and shop and since I wasn't home in time to feed the babies Wesley found the best way to watch football and feed babies at the same time. He is multi-tasking!! What a good Daddy! This weekend we'll head to Starkville for the Kentucky game...not quite sure how the babies will do, but we are going to try!

Saturday, October 25, 2008


Happy Fall and Happy Halloween! Mahlon and Sara Beth dressed up for Halloween a little early. Mahlon is a bumble bee and Sara Beth is a lady bug! The funniest thing is that Cheri and I got these costumes in the PET department of Target!!Yes our babies are wearing dog costumes...the head pieces even have cut outs for doggy ears! We thought that the babies would be too hot in the costumes they had for babies and this week it is supposed to drop to 39 degrees at night! Go figure! I think they look too sweet. Mahlon is not a fan of his bumble bee hat and Sara Beth could care less. I'll have more pictures on Halloween. We still have to carve pumkins!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Soso Bound!

This weekend we headed to Soso for a Sip and See at Doc and Cheri's house. We met so many people, had our first cow encounter and were pooped when we got back home on Sunday. This little slide show will give you a good idea of why we were all so tired!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Sara's

Yesterday Audrey and her daughter Sara came over to help with the babies. I got to get a pedicure and my mom went shopping. It was so nice to have a little "me" time. Then when I got home dinner was ready...Audrey made yummy meatballs for us! They stayed through dinner so we could eat while it was warm. Thanks so much for all of your help!!

Who will be bald first??

Sweet little Mahlon loses more hair with every bath...Tuesday I think he thought he could pull out some of AnnaBelle's to patch his thinning spots!! She wasn't quite sure if she was being loved on or tortured!??!

Aunt Lani's Birthday!

Wednesday was Lani's birthday and since she worked in Jackson on Monday we were able to celebrate with a yummy dinner at Pan Asia...we all went...Lani, Cheri, me, Wesley and our sleeping babies! We made it through dinner without holding a baby.

After dinner we headed back to our house so Aunt Lani could open presents. She got 2 of her favorite spoons from Williams Sonoma from her 2 favorite babies!

Mahlon had the best time smiling and talking to Aunt Lani...of course by the time I got the camera he was tired! It is still a cute picture.

AnnaBelle wanted to spend time with Aunt Lani too!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Memphis Sip and See

This was the cute center piece on the food table at the Sip and See...one of the few pictures I managed to take! Isn't it cute!

I was so busy visiting with everyone at our Memphis Sip and See that I didn't even get my camera out until everyone was almost gone. We had a fun time. Mahlon and Sara Beth slept through the whole thing...I don't think they even knew they were at a Sip and See. Thank you Memphis for such a warm welcome for our sweet babies.

Lauren and Emily are sisters that are both pregnant with girls...5 weeks apart to the day! Maybe they will be a best friend for Sara Beth and a girlfriend for Mahlon!??!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Memphis Bound!

This weekend we made our first trip to Memphis to visit family and have our first Sip and See. We were so lucky the babies slept the 3 hour drive there and the 3 hour drive home. We did learn that we need a much larger vehicle especially if the older they get the more stuff they require. This trip we had the double stroller, double the diapers, clothes, bibs, bottles...and we haven't even gotten into toys yet!! We head to Soso this weekend for our second Sip and See...what busy babies we have!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Please Share!

AnnaBelle was quite jealous of Sara Beth in Cheri's lap so she decided she needed to share. Little did she know Sara Beth was getting burped...maybe Cheri should burp AnnaBelle!

A girl and her pearls

My mom's friend Susan made Sara Beth her first string of pearls for her Baptism in November. After her bath we tried them on for a little photo shoot. She is such a ham in front of the camera...we are in TROUBLE!

Big Smiles

We took these pictures on Firday morning after everyone had a good nights sleep! Sara Beth was in the vibrating bouncer and Mahlon was talking to Cheri. I was so glad to capture these sweet faces!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Kim and Harrison came over today to help with the babies. Harrison is 1 1/2 and boy are my hands going to be full when I have two 2 year olds running around. And I think I need help now...HA! Kim has a house full of boys so she had fun feeding and burping Sara Beth all while following Harrison around in my non-child proof house. It was fun watching Harrison go around and around trying to find something/anything to get into. He thought the glider was fun and wanted help with the baby. We had a fun morning...thanks Kim!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Bow Head

This morning Suzanne came over to help with the babies. She fed and bathed Mahlon and I did the same for Sara Beth. Sara Beth was worn out after her bath. But I had to show you that she finally grew into her bow...maybe her chubby cheeks help to even it out!

Dress up for church

Sunday we made it to church just in time to sing one song before the sermon...but we made it! Mahlon and Sara Beth both had on Wesley's baby clothes. A cute bubble and day gown. He was a 10 lb baby and they are just now a little over 10 lbs each at 10 weeks! Sara Beth was 10.6 on my scale and Mahlon was 10.8. I know she looks bigger, but he is 3/4 inch longer. We measured their legs and feet the other day. Mahlon's legs are 9 inches long and his feet are 4 inches and Sara Beth's legs are 7 1/2 inches and her feet are 3 1/2 inches. We have some growing babies!!

28 years later

This is Wesley and Dick in 1980 and Wesley and Mahlon in 2008. Little Wesley and Mahlon are wearing the same outfit. We had a photo shoot yesterday after church...there are more pictures to follow. I have to wait until Wesley can scan the old pictures into the computer.

Who's Who??

This is an outfit that Wesley wore when he was a few weeks old. It took Mahlon 10 weeks to reach 10 lbs so he could wear it, but isn't he cute. He looks more and more like Wesley everyday.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

A Day in the Country

Chapel of the Cross had their annual Day in the Country today. After a pretty good nights sleep we thought we would give it a try...after all it is only 1 mile from our house! We dressed the babies in their Halloween onsies. Mahlon was "a little corney" candy corn and Sara Beth was "bewitching." We had a great time! We had a picnic with the Shorter family under a tree and fed the babies and changed Mahlon out of his Halloween outfit due to an explosive diaper(again I have got to remember a change of clothes for myself)I got to do my favorite thing...shop! And we met all kinds of people...the babies were the center of attention. Everyone we met thought we were crazy being out with 9 1/2 week old twins. I just told them I was one determined mother! We were lucky...the babies slept 90% of time. We really had a wonderful day. It is so nice to feel somewhat normal again!

You are my Sunshine

Friday afternoon was the perfect day for sitting on our patio. We gave the babies their bottles and then Sara Beth decided to soak up some rays in her daddy's sunglasses! Bless her heart, she has the same fair skin as her Aunt Lani...I guess they can sit under the umbrella together on our beach trips!

Friday, October 3, 2008

A new babysitter

This morning AnnaBelle babysat Sara Beth while I put on my make-up. They had fun playing with the little animals. And Sara Beth even reached out to AnnaBelle to try to pet her. I wish I had it on video, but this is a cute picture.