Wesley, Rebecca, Mahlon and Sara Beth

Making memories TWO at a time!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Early Christmas

Merry Early Christmas! We were in Soso this weekend celebrating Christmas a few days early. Friday night we opened presents and had a big Christmas dinner! The babies were a little confused about what was happening, but had a blast once they got the hang of it! And of course they loved the bows, paper and boxes! Who needs toys when you have bows and boxes!

Saturday we lounged around the house while daddy ran 20 miles!! Then we played with our new toys. Saturday night was the Jefcoat family Christmas party at Aunt Bettye's house...the babies played and played and played with all of their aunts, uncles and tons of cousins! Then they got to open more presents...we have such a generous family...but before I brag on them too much just let me say they'll all be visiting us in the looney hospital(EVERYTHING sings or plays music) but of course the babies LOVE IT!! And thanks to Aunt Lani our new favorite in this house is MELLLL-MOOOO(Elmo). They got 2 Elmo dvd's and that is all they can talk about! Now Santa is going to have to do some last minute shopping and find an Elmo doll...it is so cute to hear them yell MELLLL-MOOOOO!! We leave tomorrow for Memphis to celebrate some more and visit with more family and friends!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Wow I have a lot to catch up on from last week! My birthday was on the 9th...I am officially 30 something!! Anyway what a rough number! Wesley and I had reservations to eat at Ely's, but as my day went on I painted, cleaned, chased babies...I wasn't in the mood to do anything! Our sweet neighbor Judy kept the babies for us and we went and ate Mexican and did a little Christmas shopping! So much fun...it is rare that we can get away together for a few hours.
Anyway on Friday night chef Wesley cooked a fabulous birthday dinner for me! We had crab cakes for an appetizer, mushroom and spinach stuffed beef tenderloin over a potato cake and my favorite spinach, mandarin orange and almond salad. YUMMY!!! The beautiful flowers were from my sweet family for my birthday!!

On Saturday Wesley got up and ran his first half marathon...in the rain! We showed up at the last minute to catch him cross the finish line. He did great. He finished 27 out of 130! Yeah Daddy!! He is working so hard to train for his 50K in March!! Yes I know he is CRAZY!!! Who really runs 31 miles! We are so proud of him though!Run daddy Run!

Then this week we went to see Canton City of Lights. Our church (Madison Heights) rented the old post office on the square and we had music, hot chocolate, and yummy desserts, and a place to warm up between the mini fire truck ride and the carousel ride! The babies had a blast and slept good that night! WHEW what a busy week we've had!
Mommy and Mahlon on the mini firetruck ride!

Daddy and Sara Beth on the mini fire truck!

The biggest Christmas tree we've ever seen!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Yeah for the snow!! We were at a party Friday night when it started snowing...it was beautiful! It was so much fun waking up and taking the babies out to play in the snow. Mahlon HATED it. He didn't want it on his hands or on his playset! TOO FUNNY!

Christmas card pics TAKE 3!

I have no idea at this point what pictures I even put on the card!! The photographer has made some, but I also ordered some from snapfish at MIDNIGHT the other night!! I can't believe I am so far behind this year...Is this a mom of twins thing or are all moms this crazy this time of year!!! Oh and the precious outfits are ones that Cheri made. She is spoiling me! I don't want to shop anymore...I want her to make all of the babies clothes!!

Christmas card pics TAKE 2!

I know I am LATE on the Christmas card...I have half a tree up and the mantel has a few things on it but no stockings! SOOO glad the babies aren't old enough to know!! Christmas is my MOST FAVORITE time of year, but it snuck up onme this year!So the other night I tried to get a few pics of the babies in their Christmas PJ's. They looked so cute, but were not ready for a bedtime photo shoot! I did manage to get a few cute smiles!!

Poor Sara Beth had enough!! Being this cute is exhausting!!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

These are just a few of my latest projects. I have a few new ideas that I'll post as soon as they are completed. Some of these items are sold, and there are still some available...of course I can make custom orders too! They make great Christmas gifts! A lot of the wood I am using is "Katrina Wood." The trees that were blown down at my parents house during Katrina were made into different size boards to rebuild the 7 barns that my parents lost. I am using them for art and you can have a part of Mississippi history and unique art too!

Friday, November 27, 2009

The babies had a new toy to play with at Doc and Cheri's over Thanksgiving. Mahlon has somehow been bucked off a few times...haven't caught that on video yet. He sure does have fun though!!

Sara Beth is such a big girl now. She can get in her chair all by herself! We are so proud of her, but we can't really encourage her to do it because we are a so scared she'll fall! She is a climber!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving! We had a busy Thanksgiving in Soso and a full house...6 adults, 2 16 month olds and 2 large indoor labs. There were toes and paws getting stepped on constantly...I did enjoy having 2 vaccum cleaners after every meal(maybe we need a dog???) We had a fabulous meal that Cheri cooked...I love a big Thanksgiving meal. The babies weren't too sure what to think of the turkey, but they loved all of "the fixins."

We took the babies to the dairy to pet the baby calves. We've been working on "mooing" and that is all they did puckered lips and all! Hopefully tomorrow we can give the babies a bottle and get some video!

We finished the night with lots of reading. The babies jumped from lap to lap so they could get in as much reading as possible.

Doc grew a new variety of turnips (Tokyo Hybrid) They are bigger than Mahlon and Sara Beth! They had fun playing with them, shredding the leaves and even tasting them uncooked! Sara Beth did eat some of Doc's mustard green at lunch today...something that most 16 month olds would never attempt!

Friday, November 13, 2009

A few of my art projects...actually it took 3 of us to get it all together. Wesley cut the wood, I designed/painted it, and my mom put it together. What a team we are! These will be for sale on Monday at our Holiday Happening or I can do custom orders.
This is a 12x12 square wood frame with a 4x6 cut out for a picture.
These are both stained cedar frames with 2 or 3 4x6 opening for pics.

I made this one out of fence board and added a little color...perfect for your patio or front porch to display your initial.