Wesley, Rebecca, Mahlon and Sara Beth

Making memories TWO at a time!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Wesley's birthday date

Tonight we left Gran and Daddy Day in charge and went out for Wesley's birthday dinner! A real date and hot meal that doesn't involve me holding a baby! HA!! I really think babies know when it is time to eat and that is when they should get fussy or have the dirtiest diaper ever!!

Happy 1 month Birthday Mahlon and Sara Beth!

Today we turned one month old...boy time flys when all you do is eat, poop and sleep. Mahlon slept most of the day, and Sara Beth was wide awake entertaining us and kept Gran and Daddy Day busy with lots of dirty diapers and little pitiful cries to get attention so they would hold her. What a mess she is!!

Happy 28 Daddy!

Friday Wesley turned 28!! We headed back from Soso, after a big lunch at Doc and Cheri's and Wesley worked the rest of the afternoon. Then Gran and Daddy Day came to spend the weekend. They are babysitting tonight so we can have a b'day dinner for Wesley at Shapley's! A real Date! YEAH!!

updates are on the way!!

So sorry I haven't updated everyone...we've had a busy week. WE went to Soso for a few days because Wesley had some work to do in south MS so Cheri and I loaded up the babies and took our first road trip! It took us about 6 hours before we actually left the house, luckily the babies slept the whole time we were in the car! We had bunches of visitors while we were there...that was a lot of fun. We met our Great Aunt Bettye and Great Aunt Shirley and cousin Terri. And then some of Cheri's friends came over too!(Martha, Deane, Debbie, and Sherry)What a big day we had! I'll add pictures next week when Cheri gets back...I left my camera and had to use hers all week!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Bath Time!

Cheri invented a new way to bathe Mahlon and Sara Beth...she likes it a little more than he does! What a bad face he is making!!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Tired daddy

Daddy was worn out on Sunday after a long weekend of baby duty! He was trying to change the sheets on our bed after Sara Beth pooped through her diaper all over our sheets! He didn't quite make it before he fell alseep!

Racing Cars

Daddy Day (Dick) gave this little car to Wesley when he was born and now he has passed it down to Mahlon. He was too tired to play with it this weekend, but we know he is going to have a big time when he gets a little bigger!!

Parents day out!

Saturday was our first day to leave our little angels with someone other than Cheri. Jennifer came to babysit for a few hours and their is no other person we would rather have (she was one of Mahlon's nurses in the NICU)Both babies broke her in rather quickly by tee teeing on their bear tummy time mats! We hope we didn't run her off! Jennifer is pregnant with either Mahlon's girlfriend or Sara Beth's best friend...we can't wait for our playdates! Wesley and I had a date to shop at Target and then went out for Mexican...yes I can eat it now that I am not pregnant, but it still doesn't taste the same. Then after dinner our friends Tom and Abby came over to see Mahlon and Sara Beth for the first time...these babies love to be held and loved on!! What a busy day!

Shopping Day!

On Friday to get everyone out of the house for a little while we decided to go to the new outdoor mall in Ridgeland (Reniassance)We got all dressed up, strolled the babies in the tandem stroller, sat outside at Sweet Peppers and had dinner, and I tried to shop a little. (something I have not done in 6 weeks yikes!!) It was fun, but boy were we worn out when we got home!

Thursday, August 21, 2008


OK this picture may be a little much for some people, but after the TEE TEE Dance blog I had to show you the solution! Thanks to Sally we now have a pee pee tee pee. We'll see if this helps control little Mahlon's urge to soak whoever is changing him and whatever is in a 3 foot radius! Daddy got his turn first!

Weigh Day

This is the welcoming announcement of our sweet babies from our church.

Today we went for our doctor check-up and we are growing so fast! Mahlon has gained 7 ounces in six days and is now 6 lbs 1 oz. Sara Beth has gained 6 ounces in six days and weighs 5 lbs. 15 oz. Thank you for your prayers...we feel like our little premies are right on track and will catch up to a full term baby quite quickly.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Our 3 week Birthday!

Today we turned 3 weeks old...and today was our orignal c-section date! Can you imagine how large these babies would be if they weren't born until today! YIKES! We attempted to take pictures for our birth announcement ( I have a huge respect for photographers!) Sorry Mahlon is sideways ( I haven't figured out how to rotate pictures on the blog) Sara Beth loves to have her picture made...she is my daughter after all. In the next picture she is kissing all over Mahlon, she loves her brother. Tee last picture Mahlon looks like he is saying are we done yet?? And Sara Beth is giving the camera her best side! We had fun, hopefully we'll have some cute pictures that we can use for the announcement. The cute blankets in the pictures are from Brett and Katherine Wilkin...they are so soft! Tomorrow we head back to the doctor for our weigh in...hopefully we are still gaining weight and growing.

Twin Repeat!

Today Kim came to visit...she has twin boys so it was easy for her to love on two babies at once! Cheri had just given us our bath, so we look so fresh and clean...but we were pooped!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Snuggle Buddies

We love to rock and snuggle. I have my own little personal heaters for winter time!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Doc's visit

Doc came for a visit today. Sara Beth and Mahlon were so alert. This was his first chance to love on them outside of the NICU. I think he is hooked and he'll be back next weekend!

We had a bath yesterday and I had to show off the smallest booties in the world! Aren't we cute!

Double Duty!

Daddy has mastered the double feeding by using the E Z 2 Nurse twins pillow! It is the size of a spare tire...but it works.


Saturday we went on our first family outing...we went for a long walk. It's time for mommy to get back in shape! Mahlon and Sara Beth love strolling, at least we think they do...they just slept through the whole thing!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Kitty Prozac really works!!

Just in case you were wondering if Kitty Prozac works...this is Anna Belle. She was terrified of Mahlon and Sara Beth and here she is checking them out up close!! Before Kitty Prozac she hid under the guest bedroom bed for hours everyday!! Now she wants to know who they are and how you keep them from crying. If we could only teach her to change poopy diapers!

Bear Rugs and Dr. Storey

Today we had our first doctor check up at Children's Medical Group. We are just a growin'. Sara Beth has gained 6.5 ounces and has grown 3/4 inch and Mahlon has gained 4 ounces and has grown 1 inch! We are getting so big. We love Dr. Storey...she has 2 sets of twins(5 children total) so we asked her all kinds of twin questions. She is so proud of Mahlon and Sara Beth and how well they are doing, how fast they are growing and what busy bodies they are.
We got our cute premie outfits on Saturday from the Whittingtons and we've gotten to wear them several times...now Mahlon's legs are so long he can't straighten them in his pants!! Sara Beth on the other hand seems to be growing out more than up--she'll be wearing hers for a while longer! Our cute bear rugs are from Teri. They are so soft to roll around on during tummy time. Daddy likes to cuddle on them too. We were all pooped after our doctor visit...there is so much to do to get 2 babies up and dressed and fed and change diapers and change more diapers!!
What a big day.

hugs and kisses

Cheri has lots of hugs and kisses for Mahlon and Sara Beth! She's been working overtime taking care of 2 babies and mommy too. This is our first night without her...keep your fingers crossed! Thanks Cheri for all you do:)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Our First Bath at Home!!

We had our first bath at home on Sunday night...mommy and daddy are a little slow, but we were soooo pretty and smelled so good when they finally finished. And don't we look too cute in our hooded froggy towels! Thanks to Nana (our great grandmother)

Aunt Lani comes to town!

Aunt Lani (aka Aunt Sister) came to visit on Monday. For someone who doesn't like babies I'd say she is whooped over Mahlon and Sara Beth. She said Mahlon won the best baby contest because he didn't cry on her. She learned all about diaper changing and bottle feeding and burping too!! It's her turn next!! hint hint!!!! Watch out Uncle Brian!
PS I know Sara Beth hasn't quite grown into her bow yet...we're trying to be a pretty princess!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

A Family Affair

Daddy Day, Aunt Maggie and Gran came to visit for the day on Saturday. We had
a big time and opened lots of cute gifts from our friends and family inMemphis.
Thanks so much!!

The tee tee party!!

Last night was an experience! At our 3am feeding Mahlon had a poo poo diaper...it was daddy's turn to change him. Since daddy is new at all of this he is still a little slow. After cleaning up the poo, daddy turned his head and when he looked back Mahlon was tee teeing EVERYWHERE!! Daddy didn't know what to do he danced and wiggled like I have never seen! Mahlon hit the wall, the floor, the pack and play where both babies have been sleeping...it was a sight. We couldn't do anything but laugh. Then again at our 7am feeding daddy made the same mistake...and he did the tee tee dance again. This time there was even more tee tee!! Again we laughed so hard we were crying!! I was changing Sara Beth and apparently she wasn't getting enough attention so she decided she would join in and tee everywhere too...hers is a little easier to control ( I chose not to do the tee tee dance!!) What a fun second night at home!! When you come visit daddy promises to show you the tee tee dance!

First night home

The first picture was taken our first night home...we didn't put them together. They always seem to find each other. The second picture is from this morning after a rough night of sleep (see previous blogs)

Friday, August 8, 2008

Come see us soon!

Now that we are home we would love to see all of our new friends. Feel free to come by and visit, but please call before you come(we may be eating or napping). Right now our doctor wants us to stay away from crowds and small children until we can build up our little immune systems. We also want you to pray for the Lott family. Their twins were born on the same day and they were only 33weeks. They are still in the NICU and their mommy and daddy live 1 1/2 hour away so they can't make a trip to the hospital everyday. Pray that Briley and Kinley get to go home soon!! Another set of twins was born last week too, but neither twin survived. Please pray for this unknown family, the Lord will know who you are praying for. love, Mahlon and Sara Beth


Today we headed home! Our car seats are so big for our tiny bodies. We love riding in the car...we slept the whole way home. Wesley and I still can't get use to the fact that we have 2 babies! We've had a good first day. Lots of eating and lots of diaper changes! We're so happy to finally have them home!