Wesley, Rebecca, Mahlon and Sara Beth

Making memories TWO at a time!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

New foods

So in the last few weeks we've been trying new foods...Our new favorite...spaghetti and meatballs! Cheri made it for us this week...yummy!

Mahlon had it in his hair, S.B.'s face was covered in orange sauce...on a good note, they didn't waste much of it! We did have to strip them down in their highchairs and take them straight to the tub!

Other new foods we've tried this week are, fried okra (they love it), a new carrot recipe (they like it some days), a peanut pasta Gran made(anything pasta is their favorite), and peanut butter and jelly(who wouldn't like that)! I didn't know a 13 month old child could eat like this! They eat all the time!

Wesley's birthday is Saturday and Lani and Brian got "the Chef" some new pots! Wesley and I were thrilled...the babies were happy to something to climb on!

It has been a few weeks since I posted last...We've been busy, but don't have many pics to show for it. These are from one day last week when Cheri was in town. We played outside for about an hour with our b'day toys.

Don't really know to play "house" yet, but loved opening and closing the dooor and playing "drums" on the table!

These are the push/ride toys Daddy Day made for the babies. I'm not sure if Sara Beth likes pushing or riding better. She won't be able to fit in it too much longer.

We "raced" up and down the street...they slept good that night!

I had my 1st annual "Girls Beach Trip" last weekend. Boy did I need a vacation! This was the longest I have been away from the babies in 13 months! 3 whole nights! We had a great time catching up on everyone and laughing at remember when stories! It was a nice break, but I was definitly glad to get home and get a big kiss from my babies! Willie Ann, Gran and Daddy Day helped Daddy take care of Mahlon and Sara Beth while I was gone! Wesley now looks at my "mommy job" in a whole new light! He was pooped when I got home. He gets his annual guy trip to the mountains in a few weeks.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Just a few more pictures from our trip to Memphis. We had a busy day Saturday. We went for a walk in the morning and headed to Cafe Ole for lunch (one of our favorite Mexican restaurants). Then we went to the mall to take advantage of the tax-free weekend and bought the babies some "walking" shoes...though we aren't walking yet! I shopped a little more while Wesley and the babies napped and then while I napped Daddy Day took the babies for a "tractor ride" on his John Deere. They loved it!

Uncle Tete came over to visit too.
Sara Beth sat still for about 30 seconds to look at a book with Uncle Tete.

And he found out just how heavy 28lbs is!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Class Reunion

This weekend we headed to Memphis for Wesley's high school reunion. It was actually fun...I wasn't sure what to expect. My class didn't have one, I probably wouldn't have gone if we did have one, but to cancel it all together---whatever! Anyway on Friday night they had a BBQ for everyone and the kids were invited. Mahlon and Sara Beth played so hard! They had a great time. These are a few pics before we left Gran and Daddy Day's house.

Sara Beth is just like her mommy she loves Daisys! I call them happy flowers!
This is from Saturday night. We had a coctail party at the Zoo in Memphis...DJ and all. It kind of reminded me of late night back in the day! HA!

New toys!!

Daddy Day made us these awesome push toys for our birthday! He made everything in his shop...even the wheels are wood! What talent!

Sara Beth is "petit" enough that she can ride in both of them and Mahlon just pushes her around the house! It is too cute...she grins from ear to ear! What a little princess she is!

She also has on a cute dress that Aunt Maggie gave her for her birthday.

First Hair Cut (again)

Mahlon got a haircut by me on Friday! He was working on a mullet and his sideburns were out of control. I cut it over his ears back in May but this time I did a lot more! I didn't touch the front...the funny thing is that this is exactly how Wesley's hair grows. The sides and back get long and the front stays the same...like father like son! I have been tucking it behind his ears for weeks! I forgot to take any after pictures but you can see a difference on the next post.

We had a busy day the other day. The babies made their first trip to Target...I was going to take them in in their stroller, but then found this cute cart made for two! I thought how perfect...not so much! At first they loved being able to see each other and play footsie, then they got bored and the meltdowns began! How can anyone get bored in Target?? Needless to say I only got through half of my shopping list. We got home, took a nap, had a snack and Jenny and Cade came over to play.

Cade is a few months older than the twins and he is all over the place! I was hoping some of his walking would rub off...instead they just watched how fast he could move.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Fun times on the splash mat during the birthday party Saturday!

This is just a little video of the cake eating!! Note to self don't use red icing on your baby's first birthday cake!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Party Pics

Who knew that it would take 9 adults to pull off a birthday party for 2 one year olds???!!! I am so glad I had such good help! Yesterday afternoon Wesley started feeling a little under the weather fever, chills, upset tummy...needless to say he wasn't able to do much to help set up. I am sure most of you are thinking how much stuff do you really need for a 1st birthday?? Well if any Jefcoat woman is involved (and there were 3)you need a lot...Jefcoat Philosophy...if you're going to throw a party go big or go home! We had tables, chairs, blankets, beach buckets, flowers, beach balls, kiddie pools, decorations, table cloths, serving pieces, lots of food and that wasn't the half of it! I think it took a 6x12 trailer and 4 cars to get everything to the clubhouse! Thanks so much Doc, Cheri, Aunt Lani and Uncle Brian, Gran, Daddy Day and Aunt Maggie for all of your help setting up, taking down, cooking and cleaning...whew what a busy 24 hours!
The party was great. The babies were so good...we could only rent the clubhouse/pool from 9:30-11 which of course falls right in the middle of the babies nap time, but like I said they were soooo good! Not one little cry came out of them. This is what our Saturday looked like...
Wake up before the babies, get dressed and get as much last minute stuff done as possible.
Change, feed and dress babies.
Head to pool and "finish" putting everything together.
Party starts at 9:30.
Open gifts, take pictures, swim in every pool we have(5 total), sing Happy B'day, make a mess with the cake, get a water hose bath in the kiddie pool, party over...
11:15 Nap time for the babies and clean up for the parents, grandparents, and aunts...yuck!
Lunch at our house.
Time to put all of the new toys together...playhouse, wagon, basketball goal...thanks so much Uncle Brian, Aunt Lani and Daddy Day!!
Babies wake up...open more presents.
Play in wagon and playhouse and nap again...whew it is exhausting turning one!!!
We had a wonderful day and the rain held off until it was time for our families to leave. The only thing that could've made the day better was if mommy had gotten a nap! I am still putting gifts and leftover food away! Ok I know we went over board, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I'll have more pics soon...Cheri has a lot more on her camera. Thanks so much to all of you for being such a special part of these sweet babies lives.

Our First Birthday!

Thursday July 30th was Mahlon and Sara Beth's 1st Birthday! I can't believe how quickly one year has gone by! We had a wild/not fun day so I thought I would share it with you! First thing Sara Beth had a fall and knocked a big goose egg on her head(after being awake for an hour). Bless her heart she had tears for days! Then we all headed for our one year check-up and shots. I know this is a cruel thing to do on your birthday, but that was when it was scheduled...note to self---don't get shots on your childs birthday and don't do it first thing in the morning, it makes for a rough day!
We got a great report at the doctor. Mahlon is 34 inches tall(he has started his own curve on the growth chart over the 100th percentile...more than at 9 months) He weighs 27lbs and 12oz (97%) Just to compare Wesley was 34 inches and 28lbs 12 oz 2 weeks shy of his 1st birthday.
Sara Beth is 30.5 inches tall(90%) and 23lbs 3oz(90%)...when I was one I weighed 24lbs 4oz and was 30 inches tall. Amazing how close we were in size.
Since we spent the morning at the doctor the babies got down late for their nap, ate lunch later than usual(I keep a VERY strict schedule and when we are off ain't nobody happy!!) and those shots made them feel terrible. This put a damper on my day:(
Those of you that know me well know that I LOVE birthdays and think everyone should at least have a birthday week if not a full month! So of course I have been looking forward to the double days 1st birthday for weeks! We planned a party for Saturday for friends and family from out of town, and Thursday was going to be mine and Wesley's day with the babies(in between working and doctors appt!)
Anyway, since our whole day was off I was bummed, but I was determined to get back on track. After they woke up from their afternoon nap I was ready to sing Happy Birthday and eat cake(really 2 gianormous cupcakes from Fresh Market)We stripped the babies down to their diapers, rolled them outside in their highchairs, got the candles lit and after singing Happy Birthday a huge gush of wind blows out the candles and a monsoon arrives!! We rushed the babies back inside and waited to see what they thought about eating something that sweet for the first time. In the meantime I look at the rain outside and see my camera get soaked! The next few pics are a little blurry from a wet camera!
Mahlon loved it...blue icing covered his entire body!
Sara Beth hated it...she is not my child, I have the biggest sweet tooth ever!
So I was hoping to have this wonderful cake smashing event, not so much. This was good practice though before the party on Saturday.
Then on to the gift opening. They loved tearing the paper off the boxes...yeah I was so excited because I love presents!

This was one of the gifts from us...they would rather climb on it and sit on top, but one day they'll figure out they are supposed to sit at the table.

They rest of our day was a little rough. They spiked a fever and were quite crabby, but you only turn one once right! It was a busy day with many highs and lows...we are truly blessed to have such bundles of joy in our life!