Wesley, Rebecca, Mahlon and Sara Beth

Making memories TWO at a time!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Day 4

We started the day off right! Sara Beth and Wesley left early to go to Lulu's Bakery to get us a double extra large cinnamon roll...i think it weighed 3 pounds!! Again this was something he had seen on the Travel Channel...Man vs. Food... so we had to try one! It was yummy! The babies just kept saying Cake, Cake!! I think the 5 of us ate 1/3 of it and then left the rest for Wesley to eat on his own...and a few days later he just had to give up and throw it away!

After Breakfast the babies opened some more gifts from their "Aunt Shay." She is so talented and creative! She made then each their own "Welcome to Texas" bag and then filled them with all kinds of Texas goodies! Cowboy hats, bandannas, sheriff badges...sooo cute! Oh and they had a picture of a Texas Longhorn on the front of the bag...and the babies moooed and moooed!

Mahlon sure does know how to wear a bandanna!

Later we headed down to the Mexican markets for a little shopping! Got a few cute things there and then headed down to the River walk for lunch at Casa Rio...one of Cheri's favorites!
The babies had the best time feeding tortilla chips to the ducks at the River Walk...we could have stayed there all day and waved to the passing boats, and feed ducks and pigeons!

Sara Beth was such a big girl helping push "Mey-Mey" around the River Walk...all
35 lbs of him!
After lunch we went to this little art village...cute little place, but it was soooo hot we didn't stay for long! The babies loved talking to this iron rooster...they would say "dooo, dooo, dooo!" (can't quite say Cock-a-doodle-doo!)

Then on Saturday night Cheri(or Chi-Chi...as the babies call her) stayed in the hotel with the babies and Wesley and I went out to celebrate our 6th Wedding Anniversary! We went to a fabulous restaurant on the River Walk...Boudro's. They make fresh guacamole at your table and had fabulous Prickily Pear cactus Margaritas! We had a great night out!! Oh and on our way back to the hotel we stopped by the Minger Hotel bar(unofficially known as the "Rough Rider Bar"...of course being married to a history major we had to stop by!)
Here we are somewhat dressed up for the 100 degree walk to the River Walk! Happy Anniversary!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Day 3

So if you ever watch diners, drive-ins and dives, you've probably seen this place...The Cove. One side of it is a car wash and the other side is a laundry mat...then there is this little counter and room where you order your food. You can sit inside or out and they have a big playset with slides and rock wall for the kiddos. So you wash your car, wash your laundry, eat, have a beer,listen to live music and watch your kids run wild all in one place! It really was fun place to eat...if it had been about 15 degrees cooler I would have liked it a lot more! The food was yummy...from fish tacos, to lamb burgers!
Aren't these the cutest flowers you've ever seen!!

Fun family pics!

From this angle you can sort of see the car wash! Too Funny!
I think Wesley and his work crew have been back 2 or 3 times! They love it!

Day 2

On Thursday we headed to San Marcos to the fabulous outlet mall and to see my best friend Shay(while Wesley worked.) We shopped and shopped and chased babies...I got some great deals though! We planned on going for just a few hours to the outlets, visit with Shay, grab some lunch and then get on the road around nap time so the babies could sleep...there are way too many places to go! And the babies did fairly well considering it was 98 degrees and the winds were blowing like we were in Chicago! Plus Shay got them some cute gifts to entertain them! No pictures from our shopping...we were too busy shopping!
On Thursday night we went down to the River Walk and had dinner and walked around. The babies loved the ducks!!

And they had the best time talking to this little cowboy...til Mahlon knocked him over!
S.B. was so happy to see her daddy, but she wasn't too sure about walking on the edge of this wall! Guess she is afraid of heights just like mommy!
We stopped by the Alamo on our walk home. So pretty at night.

Day 1 San Antonio bound

Last Wednesday we (Cheri, Mahlon, Sara Beth and I) headed to San Antonio to see Wesley...this was the babies first time to fly, and since they aren't quite 2 they got to fly for free! I don't think anyone really believed they were two...at 22 months I decided to weigh and measure them. Mahlon is 38 1/4 inches tall and weighs 35lbs, and Sara Beth is 34 3/4 inches tall and weighs almost 30lbs. They look like 3 year olds! I even had one flight attendant ask how old they were...and when I said 22 months she said "oh, that is what I thought!" YEAH RIGHT!! Everyone knows these babies are huge! HA!
Anyway our flights went very well! I was hoping for sleeping babies since it was naptime, but there was way too much going on to sleep! Luckily I packed stickers, crayons, books and lots of snacks to keep them occupied! Mahlon had one little melt down, and then crashed in Cheri's lap right before we landed in San Antonio. Sara Beth would not fall asleep until she laid eyes on her daddy! Then she crashed in the car! We got all settled into our hotel and then headed to dinner at a major whole in the wall! Wesley had heard great things about the food...they just forgot to mention the atmosphere with the stand up floor fans!! Great food, but not exactly what I was picturing on my first night in San Antonio! Then we headed back and everyone collapsed into bed...who knew flying with 2 22 month olds was that exhausting!!It was a tight spot to get some pictures on the plane. Sara Beth refused to pose for the camera. At this point Mahlon was ready for his nap...

And this is what he was doing right before he fell asleep...instead of counting sheep I think they were counting clouds!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

We spent the weekend in Soso while daddy was away! I have been telling them all week we were going to see Doc and Cheri and the cows...so we haev spent A LOT of time outside with the cows(in between rain showers)! We "helped" Doc feed the cows both nights...we had to have our boots on just like too!

Waving and talking to the cows...we were in the back of truck under the shed so we wouldn't get wet!

Wednesday was Splash day at Mother's Morning out! They loved playing in the sprinklers, but Sara beth kept asking where the pool was? She knew she had her "suit" on, and couldn't understand why she wasn't swimming!

They had a blast with the bubble machine!

Mahlon and Sara Beth discovered the piano and Gran and Daddy Day's...they played

and played...

and bossy little S.B. told Uncle Tete..."sit Tete"

Friday, June 4, 2010

Saturday after the zoo and a nap it was time for playing in the sprinkler and rain!

Daddy Day had a big time turning the water on and off and splashing us!
Mahlon and Sara Beth had fun trying to "ride/drive" Wesley and Aunt Maggie's toys from when they were little.

After all of that playing it was time to crash with our "hop-hops" and an Elmo movie!

Memphis Zoo!

We spent part of Memorial Day weekend in Memphis! We had busy weekend starting with a night out baby free! We went downtown to "trolley tour" and then for a yummy dinner! Saturday we woke up and headed to the Memphis Zoo! If you haven't been it is a must! Of course our time was limited with 2 22month olds, but we made the most of it in about 3 hours time! Next time we'll have to go back to and start at the back of the zoo and make our way to front so we can see some of the things that we missed!

The pandas were a hit...even though they were behind the glass.

Big girl pushing the double stroller all by herself!
Of course the first 5 animals (over 100 lbs) that we saw Sara Beth called kept calling Eh-phant(elephant) she loves them!! By the time we saw the elephants they were too tired to get out of the stroller!
Before we left we our picture taken with an elephant!