Wesley, Rebecca, Mahlon and Sara Beth

Making memories TWO at a time!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Nana in Atlanta!

Last weekend we had a busy weekend full of family and friends!! We headed to Atlanta to see Nana! On our way we stopped and had dinner with the Coulson family and got to meet baby Caroline...though I don't have any pictures...5 kids at one table was a bit busy!! And then we continued our journey!
We got up early and headed to Nana's to spend the day! We played and got to see Aunt Daphne, cousin Greer and baby Day! Again no pictures!! But we had fun catching up! Then is was time for lunch and Nana had an extra sweet Watermelon to go with the twins favorite Chick-fil-a!
Mahlon didn't want any watermelon until he saw that we were eating it with the "stem." He thought that was the coolest thing!
Nana and S.B. were talking about the seeds!
Love this picture of all of us!! At the last second instead of saying cheese Nana sad another word that had all of laughing!!
And the babies got spoiled by Aunt Daphne and Nana with some early birthday gifts! What a fun surprise!

We headed back to Nana's the next morning for breakfast before heading onto our next stop Fayette, AL. Love how tiny Nana is standing next to Wesley!!
And this is Nana's famous wave! I love it and though I am always sad to leave I look forward to this little goodbye!! We had a great visit and she spoiled the babies with cookies and ice cream, but that is what Great Grandmothers are for!!!

July 4th!

July 4th was a busy day at our house!! Doc and Cheri came up and spent part of the morning and afternoon with us! Doc and daddy worked on the finishing touches to our new playset while Cheri and I cooked a big lunch!

And then later in the evening we had some neighbors over for more food and fun on the playset and topped the night off with some fireworks and sparklers!! Happy 4th!! Great day with family and friends!! Too much excitement to remember to take many pictures!!

Family Date Night!

We decided to have Family Date Night and go see Cars 2 and then go for pizza!! Mahlon was sooo excited to see "Li-tin-a-queen"(aka Lightening Mcqueen) They were very excited about popcorn and candy, though S.B. decided she didn't like popcorn...the M&M's were a hit!! This movie seemed a bit long...especially by the 3rd potty run with 2 almost 3 year olds!!! We had fun though and then we topped the night off with pizza!! I look forward to many more family date nights!! SO FUN!!

Look we can swim...sort of!

We had a slow start, but after 2 weeks of lessons I have 2 little fish!! Week one involved lots of tears and a trip to the emergency room because S.B. decided to inhale half of the pool, but we were back kicking and screaming the next day!! And at the end of the lessons they loved Mrs. Deborah and now when we go to the pool they want me to pretend to be Mrs. Deborah and tell them to jump in, and kick, and dive for rings...they are a mess!! We didn't get to watch any of the lessons so this is the last day when they go to show off all they had learned!

Happy Father's Day DAD!

Wesley had a Happy Father's Day! We went to church and then to his pick for brunch at Bon Ami! He got a new pair of trail running shoes, lots of hugs and kisses and a long nap in the afternoon!!
Wesley is such a wonderful daddy, husband and friend and we are so blessed to have him in our lives! Thank you for all that you do to take care of us and thank you for loving us so much!!! We love you!! XOXO
Love these sweet pics!

Mission complete!!

We finally finished!!! I'm just a little late posting pics!! These are the twins new matching twin beds! YAY! The first one took about 3 1/2 weeks and the second took us about 2 weeks! Don't think we will EVER take on a project this big again! But we are so proud and Mahlon and Sara Beth LOVE them! Mahlon will tell you "they are perfect!"

I still have some art to do to add to the walls and Cheri is planning on making some more pillows and I'm on the hunt for new curtains!! So this project is not quite complete, but at least they have some where to sleep!!