Wesley, Rebecca, Mahlon and Sara Beth

Making memories TWO at a time!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Laughing Hat from rebecca on Vimeo.

This is a video from last week when Andy and Katie were here. We were planning on taking the babies outside and decided they needed hats because the sun was so hot. The babies don't usually wear hats (especially Sara Beth) so Mahlon thought it was hillarious! Hope this puts a smile on your face. It is a little long, and for some reason the sound doesn't match up with the video?? Oh well you get the point!

The babies got the cutest gifts this weekend from the Stringers so I had to show them off. They are little wooden step stools and their names are little wooden puzzle pieces. Too cute. I know we will use these for all kinds of things. Right now they are fun to sit on and chew on!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

We have had a busy week and I have had zero time for pictures or posting! Our sweet friends Andy and Katie came down from Minnesota to visit for a few days and we had lots of catching up (and eating and shopping) to do! We had a great time and we were so sad to see them leave. Here are a few pictures from the week.

The babies were so excited that Spring has Sprung! We have been enjoying the sunshine and beautiful weather (except for the 3 nights of thunderstorms and tornados!) This is my Spring window sign that talented Shay painted for me!

Saturday we went a birthday for our sweet friend Sam who is now 3! Of course I forgot I had my camera until we were walking out the front door! These windmills were all over the front yard and were the party favors...Sara Beth just loves them!

Here are Andy and Katie with the twins...I hope we didn't scare them! They are 19 weeks pregnant and will find out soon what they are having. I kept telling Andy he needed a Sara Beth!! HA!

They are going to be such great parents! We can't wait to find out boy or girl?? I hate that Sara Beth is covering up Katie's baby bump!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

I took a few pictures after church today. It was so pretty outside and the babies looked so cute we had to have a photo shoot(plus we are almost 8 months old and have yet to take our 6 month pictures!!)

Cousin Erika came to visit today on her way back to Alabama. She hasn't the babies since Thanksgiving so we had to show her all of our new tricks...2 teeth, sitting up, little laughs. We had a short, but fun visit!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

New friend and new trick!

Today Lee Ann, Logan and Mrs. Marsha came to visit. We had the best time catching up and watching the babies play. Logan gave Sara Beth so many sweet hugs and kisses...of course we never had a camera ready to catch him action. He is one busy little boy. Moving everywhere! I'm not ready for mine to be mobile yet! YIKES! If I thought I needed help with newborns...WRONG! I need help with crawlers and walkers! Or I could just get a cage! ha!

Mommies and babies...and yes Sara Beth is covered in drool! This is why we wear bibs 24/7. She already has 2 teeth and is now working on 2 more. Poor Mahlon is still all gums!

Logan had fun playing with all of the babies toys!

On their way out the door Sara Beth was showing off...she waved bye bye! A full arm wave! This is a big time first! They were all waving bye to us and she just stuck her arm up and waved too!! It was so cute! So glad we were able to get her to do it again for the camera! I have been trying to get both of the babies to do it and she decided now was a good time! I think Logan whispered in her ear when he was kissing on her that today she should wave! Or maybe she didn't really want him to go and she was trying to stop him! Either way we look forward to more visits from Lee Ann and Logan when they move back to MS!!

Boy did we have a busy day of new things! For breakfast we tried bananas three different ways for the third time!! Still hate them...Mahlon was gagging again! I mashed them...they hated them, I snuck them in with pears...they swallowed the pears and spit out the banana, and then I mixed in a little apple juice to to add a little sweet and make it a little soupy...still hated it! Last week I tried giving them sliced banana to gum and the week before that I gave them a chuck of it in one of those teething bags. I think I'll give in and buy banana baby food and see if they can get use to the taste then maybe the texture. I have a big thing with textured foods surely I am not rubbing off on them this early! I am enjoying making my own baby food! It is a lot easier to feed your child mashed fresh veggies and fruit...there is no guessing what is going into their tummies!

This morning the babies were playing so good together...so I thought. When I walked back through the den this is what I found. Sara Beth had taken all of the toys from Mahlon except his paci and lovey! She is not a good sharer! His little expression is so cute...it is like he is saying where did they all go??

Tonight we tried Butternut squash. No big deal...they didn't love it but they didn't hate it either! I have got to get some more green things in their diet. We have butternut squash (orange), carrots (orange), sweet potatoes (orange), we do have green beans, apples and pears...guess I'll have to such the produce section for our next food!

Monday, March 16, 2009

peek-a-boo from rebecca on Vimeo.
This is a fun game of peek-a-boo we played after a little nap! Mahlon is much more vocal than Sara Beth, but she sure has a sweet smile!

So we actually took the babies for a short bike ride in the new bike trailer! Sara Beth was a little sleepy so she just leaned on her brother. I don't think they really understood what was going on, but they sure did look cute (like little munchkins!)

Sunday afternoon Daddy Day and Wesley hung swings for the babies. Hopefully the rain will go away and it will warm up a little so we can play outside!

Sara Beth loved to swing!
Mahlon wasn't quite sure what to think!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Daddy Day and Gran are in town and Daddy helped feed the babies before we headed out to dinner. This picture looks like Wesley is trying to feed Daddy Day!

We went to dinner at The Mermaid. A new restaurant in Lake Caroline. It was great and kid friendly. And it is 4 miles from our house. I think we will go there quite often! Tonight was the babies first time in a high chair at a restaurant.(usually we drag them in their car seats) I packed lots of things to keep them occupied. Mahlon got a little sleepy (poor baby is still not feeling well) but they were both great! Thanks Aunt Lani for the cute high chair covers to keep us germ free!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Big Surprises!

Boy did we have an exciting day yesterday. It was Christmas at our house! Lani got us wonderful surprise...a new TV!! She is such a wonderful, generous sister!
We got it just in time to hook it up and watch the Bulldogs play basketball...I think it helped them win! The babies have on their MSU bibs and Mahlon is looking cute as ever in his hat!

Then yesterday I found a great deal at a consignment store on this bike trailer! It is practically brand new! Wesley has really been wanting one of these! Yeah for bargain shopping!

Yesterday we also had our first "sick visit" to the doctor. In 7 months the babies have never been sick. Well once they had runny noses, but they are very healthy. Anyway they both have a cold...runny noses, drainage, dry cough and a low grade fever. How sad is it when you are sick and you can't tell anyone how bad you feel. We have had a few sleepless nights this week. Poor babies! And all they can take is Motrin or Tylenol...Willie Ann would say "Bless they hearts!"

Oh and their weight this week...Mahlon was 21lbs 12 oz and Sara Beth was 19 lbs 14oz.What big babies we have!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Infant seat no more!

Today we upgraded to the "big boy/girl" car seats! It is so sad. Now they are no longer infants! After the last few days of Mahlon kicking and screaming each time we strapped into his infant carseat we decided it was too small. It is probably a good thing because carrying a 20 something pound child plus a 5 pound carseat wears you out!

I call these the recliners! I think they are much happier and they nap quite well in them. I just hate that we now have to wake the babies up whenever we get where we are going to put them in a stroller. Life was much easier when you could just click the carseat on the stroller! Boy these babies are growing up fast!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Veggie of the Week

This week we tried carrots. And the babies love them!SO now we are up to 3 veggies and 2 fruits that we like and bananas that we don't like!

This is Sara Beth showing off her bottom teeth. She is so proud!

These pictures are from after church on Sunday. The babies were in such a good mood after the time change! I love how Mahlon has his eyebrow raised. They are getting so big. Sitting up is easy now! We still fall over every once and a while but they have so much fun sitting up and playing together(or stealing each others toys!)

Monday, March 9, 2009

Had to post a few more pictures from the birthday party on Saturday. It is rare to have all 4 of us in a picture together!

Looks like Mahlon and Sara Beth are attacking the birthday boy! We'll say they are giving Carter a hug!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Birthday Party

Saturday we celebrated Maury's late 2nd Birthday and Carter's early first birthday. Maury and Carter are Sally's children. Sally and I were roommates through most of college. If we didn't live together we lived across from each other. She is a wonderful friend and mother. It was so cute to see our kids playing together. I took so many pictures I had to make a slide show. Thanks for inviting us to the birthday party. We had so much fun!

Happy early 1st Birthday Carter!

Today we celebrated Carter's 1st Birthday a few weeks early. I made a slide show, but had to show these pictures together. Carter loved his cake!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Visit from the Smiths

The Smith's came to visit today. Mrs. Susan is Cheri's best friend and Lani and I grew up going on trips to the beach with Reed and Drew. We were sad Drew didn't make the trip, but so glad to finally meet Becca and Grayton! They live in Austin and Tyler Texas. Even though we only had a short visit we got some cute pictures! We also got a glimpse of what we have to look forward to! Grayton is almost 2 and I am going to be one busy mommy in a year and half!

The Smiths Reed & Becca with their son Grayton, Susan and Gary

Mahlon and Sara Beth are getting hugs from Becca, Mrs. Susan and Mr. Gary

Best Friends and their grand-babies!

I love this one of Grayton giving Sara Beth a fist bump!