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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Madison Heights Easter Egg Hunt

I was in charge of the Church Easter Egg Hunt this year and had some great volunteers to help me! It turned out so cute and was so much fun! This is a small view of the crowd listening to Mrs. Sherlie tell the Resurrection story.

Cheri came to hunt eggs too, since I was a little busy with the rest of the party!
 We had over 500 eggs!! Our egg hiders/daddys did an awesome job...they even left eggs in the trees!

Full Baskets!! and it was much cooler than expected that day(hence the fleece coat on Mahlon!)
I made a cute "photo opp" for the kids with a little help!
Fun craft table making fingerprint bunnies and chics!
And every party needs a cookie decorating station! YummY!

Sunset Fishin'

This post is long over due! Time to play catch-up on Spring and Summer!

Grant and Anna got a boat and one of the kids favorite thing to do is go on a boat ride! They love the water...swimming, fishing, boat riding...anything!

While the kids and daddies were on the water the mommies hid eggs! Oh they had a blast racing through the yard!

Kaden picked up each egg, shook it and decided if had something good in it before he picked them up!
And after all of that they still had energy for a little dressup!