Wesley, Rebecca, Mahlon and Sara Beth

Making memories TWO at a time!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mary had a little lamb!

Tuesday we went with some of our friends from church to a farm(owned by more friends from church) to see all of the animals and get our pictures made with the sheep. Kind of belated Easter pics...we were all dressed up in our WHITE Easter outfits to play with farm animals and roll around in the grass! Thank goodness for BIZ and oxy-clean!!
The highlight for Mahlon was seeing the roosters and chickens and the eggs they were laying!
Precious pics playing in the red clover!

Sara Beth has NO fear!! She was letting the sheep eat out of her hands! She talked and sang to Snowey and Sarah too(the sheep)! Think she might just follow in Doc's footsteps and become Vet too!

She left lots of extra feed on the ground too...she loved sprinkling it around!!

Thanks Lisa for letting us all play with the animals! We had 6 kids/toddlers and 2 babies total! What a handful!
I have a lot more pictures coming...These were just a few shots from my camera.

Spring Festival!

Last weekend Madison Heights had our annual Spring Festival! Live music, a fish fry, bounce houses and lots of fun and fellowship! And Cheri got to come and play too!
Great benefit of having a twin...you always have someone to play on a see-saw with!!

The twins had soooo much fun in the mini bounce houses until they discovered "where the big kids were playing"!

Love S.B's face...she laughed the whole way down!
Wesley had a big time workout hauling an extra 35 lbs up the bounce house ladder!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dancing Queen!

This little girl loves her tutu and rainboots! She twirls round and round til her boots make her fall down! If you ask her to dance she'll say "tutu?"...and that means not without my TUTU!!

Looks like the MS State pom squad will have another tall blonde dancer in about 16 years!! Isn't she the cutest thing! And she is so proud of herself! Not sure if she likes the tutu or rainboots better! What a mess!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Best day ever!

Today was one of the most fun days we've had with our little family! We went to the Zoo! The babies are at such a fun age, so curious and eager to learn...they are little sponges that soak EVERYTHING up! They LOVE animals...their granddad is a DOC you know! If they can't say the name of an animal they know the sound it makes, needless to say we were quite entertaining to other guests at the zoo and they were too cute in their covered wagon! They didn't stay in it for long, they had a big time walking/running from animal to animal.

The first animals we saw were giraffes...Sara Beth looked way up and her little face lit up and then all of the sudden Mahlon spotted them and said WHOOOAAA!!! The rest of morning was filled with "roars"(that is what they think most animals say), "This?"(What's this?), and "hug" (Sara Beth wanted to hug all of the animals!!)

I wish I knew what little bit was talking to this bird about!?!
I am sure she was trying to convince him to come out of that cage and play with her...at least give her a hug!

If you like monkeys(and we do) the Jackson Zoo is full of them...all different species! These monkeys had fun showing off for us!! And Mahlon and Sara Beth had fun making monkey sounds..."ooo, ooo, ooo, ahh, ahh" SO CUTE!!

Daddy did lots of holding...you can see everything when you are 6'6"!
They loved the flamingos and tried to talk/squawk just like them! Sara Beth even tried to climb over the rocks to get to them! Could be because her favorite color is PINK!?!

We were quite impressed with our little Zoo! We'll be going back soon, we were so tired and hungry after looking at the animals we didn't have time to ride the train or carousel. Maybe next time!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Nainey and B

Last weekend we headed south to visit Lani and Brian (Nainey and B). We had a busy, but fun weekend! Friday night Brian's dad and sister joined us for a yummy home cooked meal by Lani followed by a little Wii playing. Saturday we got up and headed to a great park in Mobile! We had the best time, and were worn out after an hour and half!! Sara Beth has NO FEAR...she went down every slide in the park, feet first, head first, sideways and backwards! Mahlon had more fun climbing through the castle and fort! While the babies napped with daddy and Brian, the girls went shopping (something I rarely get to do!!) Saturday night we went to "The Shed" for some BBQ and live music! Mahlon danced the night away and made friends with everyone in there! You'll have to check Lani's blog for video/pics of that! We had a great time and can't wait to go back and visit again soon! I think it may take a while for Lani & Brian and Mako & Mali(the dogs) to recover...did I mention Sara Beth pulled the curtain rod out of the wall!!! Never fails if we stay somewhere more than a day or two something is bound to get broken!! Better think twice before you invite us to come!! HA!

We love to swing!! They thought they were too big for the baby swings, but they are too small for the big swings!!

We had so much fun making music with the bells!

Mahlon was a little scared on his way down the winding slide...
like I said this girl has no fear!

Tackeling the big slide with B and daddy!

And then big girl has to do it herself!

So cute climbing through every nook!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Fun New Toy!

Doc and Cheri gave us a big Easter Prize!! A sand and water table! We have so much fun making a mess!!

I love Mahlon's face! He is our little fish! He LOVES the water! And you can see how wet Sara Beth's dress is!!

On Easter Sunday we had to hunt eggs one more time before our nap!! Sara Beth tried to collect all of the eggs, Mahlon stopped after 2 when he realized the eggs were "EN-TY" (empty!!) He couldn't understand where the yummy candy went from the day before!
Looking for more eggs to fill my basket!

Mahlon had more fun dumping his basket and picking it up again!

"EN-TY" Momma!!

More Eggs More Eggs!!

Lucy was checking to make sure nothing bad was going on with the eggs!

These are a few pictures from our Easter Sunday photo shoot...it is a little crazy trying to get 2 babies to look in the camera's direction at the same time and actually smile! These are some of my favorites!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Half-way between waking up, eating breakfast and getting ready for church we discovered the Easter Bunny had left us a surprise or two!!!!

Sara Beth discovered her new Dora dvd!!! She calls her "DO"

Stylin' in my new sunglasses!
Mahlon wants to open his egg....oops the Easter Bunny forgot to fill the eggs!!!