Wesley, Rebecca, Mahlon and Sara Beth

Making memories TWO at a time!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

3rd Birthday!

We had such a fun birthday party and day!
The babies (or children I guess I have to call them that now!) woke up to a room full of streamers and balloons and a water slide in the backyard! We had a wonderful day with friends and family celebrating the "3"!
I was so busy playing I didn't get a whole lot of pictures!
Here are a few of the decorations...

Cheri made the cakes...Mahlon wanted a blue cake and Sara Beth wanted a pink cake so we tied them together with a toy box and all of their favorite characters!!

The water slide was a blast...Wesley, Brian, Sara Beth and I played on it for another hour after the party ended!

Time for cake and presents!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Birthday Part 2

Birthday Part 2 included both sets of grandparents and Aunt Lani and Uncle Brian...but it didn't begin until 9pm...once we returned from the E.R. with Mahlon!!
After a long and fun birthday party we realized Mahlon wasn't feeling well. He went down for a nap without any lunch, but after cake and ice cream and lots of snacks I thought that was normal. During his nap I checked on him and realized he was breathing funny! So by 4pm we were at the doctors office and 30 minutes later we were in the E.R. having xrays, steroids and 6 breathing treatments a little scary. Wild night at Children's hospital but they were great. Then we came home to a house full of people and lots more presents to open and a crazy child on lots of steroids.
Mahlon and Sara Beth both got REAL bikes from Doc and Cheri!! Lightening McQueen for Mahlon and a Princess bike for the Princess herself.

And Matching helmets and bells for their bikes from Aunt Lani

And a MSU cheerleader outfit with "real" pom poms and a MSU football jersey and football from mommy and daddy.

And Daddy Day built Sara Beth and Mahlon a dress up clothes rack...or as M. and S.B. call it a dress up castle stage. It holds all of the costumes, shoes etc. and provides them a place for hide and seek, singing, and it serves as a head board for Sara Beth's bed.

Our day started off great, had a little chaos in in the middle and ended with a house full of family and surprises and memories!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

News from Mobile

We went down to Mobile to see Lani and Brian and...

wait for it...

Aunt Lani's Baby BUMP!!! Yes she is 13 weeks!! YAY!!!

It was a rainy weekend so we stayed in a lot!! We did go to the movies to see Winnie the Pooh!
We went out Saturday with their friends so they could share their news!! Everyone was so excited! We had BBQ at The Shed and the kids ran wild!! Mahlon really loved the motorcycle!

And Sara Beth really loved all of the attention she got from Uncle Brian!

And this is Aunt Lani and Uncle Brian opening their very first BABY PRESENT!!! And they had some good little helpers to show them what everything was!!

The "theme" of our gift was a good nights sleep! They got lullaby cd's, a sheet saver, some bedtime books, a sweet/soft baby sleeper...all things that a must at bedtime!!!

A good bedtime routine=happy baby=happy mommy and daddy!

We all can't wait til February 4th!!! HAPPY BABY Aunt Lani and Uncle Brian!!!

Oh and Mahlon says she is having a boy and Sara Beth thinks she is having a girl! We'll see who is right in a few weeks!!


Mahlon LOVES to "mow the yard." He gets his truck and follows daddy whereever he goes. Sometimes it takes daddy just a little bit longer to mow because he has to take a lot of extra steps!
Literally he takes the exact same steps as Wesley!

And Sara Beth is a big helper too...she is the "water girl"! So Sweet!!

The second weekend in July is always the Thompson family reunion in Fayette, AL. We left Atlanta and headed to Fayette for a cookout on Saturday night and then a potluck lunch on Sunday!

Sissy was having a hard time pulling Brother around...he only weighs 40 lbs!!!

If there is a tractor somewhere Mahlon is going to find it!!

Don't have many pictures to show for it, but I have a few from the cookout and video of the twins singing on stage at the Fayette Civic Center...they loved entertaining everyone!!

Actually Mahlon did most of the entertaining...Sara Beth is going through a bit of a shy stage!

Jesus loves me and I love Sissy!