Wesley, Rebecca, Mahlon and Sara Beth

Making memories TWO at a time!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mitchell Farms

Last weekend we headed to Soso for one night so I could get a few things together for some art projects and of course to see the cows...oh and Doc and Cheri too! HA! On Saturday we decided to head to the pumpkin patch at Mitchell Farms in Collins...we weren't sure what to expect, but we had a blast! Unfortunately the cool fall weather didn't get here until Sunday, so we were soooo hot! I took so many pictures I couldn't narrow it down to just a few, here we go....
Cute little tractor...we LOVE tractors!

Sara Beth was talking to the goats in the "goat palace"

Happy Happy Turkey!

They couldn't quite figure out why they couldn't pet these animals...it is so easy to get to the cows at Doc's...these animals were all locked up!

They both had a big time sliding down the pipe slide!
Sara Beth of course had to spend a little time talking to this "a-mama cow"

We took a covered wagon/trailer ride around the property to see the fields of corn, sunflowers, squash, blueberries, peanuts...all kinds of yummy food! And we saw all sorts of "big trucks and tractors"(Mahlon's favorite) and ducks and geese(Sara Beth's favorite)

We skipped the corn maze because of the heat and the fear of losing Mahlon and Sara Beth...they are such fast runners! But we did pretend to be scarecrows!

There were all kinds of things to pick...we picked enough cotton to stuff a pillow!!
And of course they had to pick up almost every pumpkin there to find just the right one!

All of that picking makes you a little hungry! So we got a quick pick-me-up iced pumpkin cookie! Yummy!

Playing in the "pool of corn!" I have never seen anything like this...at first they were a little scared, but after a few minutes they were throwing corn everywhere and trying to walk in it...too cute!

Driving the John Deere just like Doc!

Who needs to pay for a petting zoo when you can just walk out of the back door at Doc and Cheri's and feed/pet your own cow! Sara Beth has named them, "a-mama" "a-dada" "a-baby" and she talks to them and tells them to eat corn and drink wah-wah(water) This was after nap time so they were energized and ready for more! Again Mahlon stood back and let her do all of the work!

Random Pics

So last week Mom and I took Sara Beth for her first "real" haircut!! I have trimmed it once myself and I was so sad to take her, but when she starts telling me about the knots in her hair it is time for a trim! She didn't see what the big deal was...Mahlon has had his cut like 10 times!If she had been any older she would have said "Seriously mom put the camera down!!" All the girl did was snip the tips off, so she still has her long hair with a little flip out! Maybe one day I'll be brave enough to let someone actually cut it! It was so close to naptime so she wasn't in the best of moods as you can see from the pictures...she was proud of her "pink dress" she got to wear! Mahlon on the other had couldn't sit still and would not stop talking! All he wanted was his "suck-suck!"(a dum-dum sucker...that is what the girl gives him after his hair cut) he was a handful...I broke out in a sweat trying to hold his head still!!

This picture is from when Wesley was home. The babies were playing "kitchen" until they decided they wanted to watch Elmo and that the bears should join them! So cute!!

This is what happens when you send a 2 year to wash his hands before dinner by himself!! I walked in and it looked like the toilet had overflowed and he went swimming in it! The entire countertop was wet, the floor, the inside of the cabinet and drawers, his hair and his clothes...what a MESS!! I couldn't even get mad! He just looked at me and said Uh Oh...I wet mamma, I wet!

Play Date

With daddy being gone we have to have lots of playdates with our friends! Last week we headed back to "The Playplace" for more fun!
Daddy would be so proud...S.B. had a fun time with power tools!

Sara Beth even made a new friend!

Mahlon spent most of his time in the little red car...he loves that thing!

Kaden was so tired...he was trying hard to have fun!

Brinley was all over the place!!

We are so thankful for our sweet friends that keep us busy while daddy is away!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

When daddy's away he's gonna play!! Though he misses being at home with us, he is in paradise! Of all of the places for Wesley to work, Colorado is the perfect place for him! He has been on 2 Incredible(in his words) hikes! So when courthouses are closed on the weekends they a little free time to play! Here are a few pics from the Roosevelt National Forest and Indian Peaks Wilderness.

Wesley came home for the weekend and we had so much fun!! We went swimming, played on the play ground, ate pizza at Sal and Mookies and then headed to circus...all on Friday! Busy day, but it was worth it! Here are a few pics from the circus...they aren't the best because I didn't take my good camera. Also if I didn't have a child in my lap I had one standing on my toes, elbowing me or pulling on my clothes!

I haven't seen smiles on their sweet faces like that in a long time(though I didn't capture any of them on camera!!!!)They both danced when the music played, clapped when everyone else clapped and even let out a few screams! They especially loved the Elephants!! The first time the elephants came out Sara Beth wrapped her little arms and legs around mine...a little scared of something so big! But by the end of the night she kept asking for them to come back!

Oh and cutest thing was Sara Beth kept trying to shake her booty like the entertainers! And she is still shaking it today! She just may be a MS State pom squad member just like mommy!!
These pics were after about 2 hours of jumping, dancing and clapping! And they were mesmerized with the elephants!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Since daddy was out of town working for the Labor day Holiday weekend we decided to head to Soso! We stayed 4 nights and I have never been so tired! Doc and Cheri surprised us with a swing set...Sara Beth called it her "very own park" and her "very own pah-wah gwound!"(playground!) And we had a fun blow up pool with a slide too! And of course with cows and tractors added to the mix there wasn't any downtown! We woke up each morning and headed out to see where the cows were, then to our pool and playground til lunch, then naps for everyone and then we started all over again til dinner. We even got to give a "baby" (calf) a bottle 2 days in a row...that was by far the highlight of Sara Beth's trip and getting to stand at the feed trough while the "big" cows ate! Mahlon enjoyed honking the horn on tractor, playing on the slide and watching the cows from the other side of the fence!

Playing on the new swing set!!

talking to cows!
Day 1...helping Doc "feed" the cows...she had to make sure they finished their dinner!
Feeding the "baby" it's bottle and the baby was still hungry so she sucked her arm too!

Showing the "baby" my pink boots!
Playing in the big tractor with Doc!

fun in the hay!
"Playing tractor"
Havin' my afternoon chat with the cows!

Day 2 feeding the cows and making sure they eat!
I like the cows, but I like them better from this side of the fence!

Day 3...today we actually fed the cows a snack all by ourselves!

by day 3 Mahlon decided he would join in on the afternoon chat!

Sara Beth was trying to convince this cow that she needed a bow...I think the cow agreed!!