Wesley, Rebecca, Mahlon and Sara Beth

Making memories TWO at a time!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Big girl bath

Sara Beth had a bath in the big girl tub sitting in her cocoon. She loves bath time!

Game Day!

Saturday morning Wesley and Mahlon woke up ready for Game Day at Georgia!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Aunt Lani's in town

Aunt Lani came to visit this week while working in Jackson. We put her to work with the babies. She fed, burped and bathed Mahlon...she had a big time!(I think!!) Mahlon just loves his aunt Lani...he just watched her and talked to her. If we only knew what grunts meant in baby language??! I bet he was saying I love you Aunt Lani, come back soon and bring Uncle Brian!


Mahlon was still a little hungry after his lunch so he thought he would try to nurse his daddy's hand instead of burping!! He is such a mess!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Sleepy Football

Wesley has been working so hard and on the weekends he has baby duty so it is hard for him to stay awake. He and Mahlon were watching football in bed...apparently Mahlon's team was winning and daddy's team was losing.


Yesterday we had such a busy day! We went to church...all 4 of us...and we were on time! As we pulled into the parking lot Sara Beth spit up everywhere, bless her heart. I carried her into church and cleaned her up and Wesley strolled in with Mahlon and the large tandem stroller. Mahlon slept through most of the service and Sara Beth's eyes were fixed on the big lights. She is fascinated with lights and ceiling fans. Anyway Sara Beth fell asleep once the sermon started and Mahlon woke up. In order to keep him quiet I pulled him out of the stroller just in time for him to tee tee all over himself and my dress! Out to the parking lot we went. I got him all cleaned up and changed his clothes...lesson learned...Mommy needs a change of clothes too! We headed back in and tried to concentrate on the sermon, but he wiggled and squirmed and fussed so back out the door we went! Oh and on top of everything else...the only sick person in the whole church sat behind us and coughed and sneezed and sent all kinds of germs our way! Wesley was cringing!!
It was so nice to get back to church and sing and worship. I haven't been in 10 weeks. We didn't stay for Sunday School,it was lunch time for the babies. And Gran and Aunt Maggie were on their way. We had lunch outside on the patio and I took a long nap while Wesley, Gran and Aunt Maggie had baby time.

After Gran and Aunt Maggie headed home DOC came to visit. He helped feed and burp little Mahlon ( he was a pro!)He also witnessed Sara Beth's first projectile vomitting! YUCK!! It was on the couch, the rug, Wesley, and his shoes were full! I hope this is a phase.

We had a busy day Sunday, but it was a lot of fun seeing our families!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Typical Friday Night with newborns?

Now that we are parents our Friday nights have changed just a little! Wesley did cook and we sat out on our new patio and had dinner (each of us had a baby in our arms). I'll have to post a picture of the patio, we just love it! Anyway in order to wash dishes and clean up after dinner and put the house back together we had to strap the babies to us!! That was the only way to keep them from crying. Wesley has Mahlon in the baby bjorn (thanks Kelli) and Sara Beth was wrapped up in the Moby Wrap (thanks Kim). We actually got a lot done.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Big day all alone!

Today was a big day for me. Cheri was in Soso and Wesley was at work so that left me all alone with 2 babies for most of the day. It wasn't that bad...all that I accomplished in a 7 hour time frame was feeding, burping, & changing babies. Each feeding takes about 2 hours when I don't have help. These are pictures of the few peaceful moments we had that didn't involve eating! Sara Beth and Mahlon had a big time on their tummy time mats (thanks Parker family and Aunt Maggie) and Mahlon really likes the big swing(hopefully he'll grow into it soon!)

Maci stopped by on her way back to Sumner. She helped feed, burp and change the babies while we caught up. So good to see such a sweet friend from college! We can't wait for a play date with Lillie Brooks.

Cute PJs

Last night Wesley had his "daddy time" before the babies went to sleep. He has had a long, busy work week so he had to get his baby lovin' in right before bedtime. Now Mahlon and Sara Beth are big enough that we don't have to swaddle them and they can wear their cute footed sleepers from Sally...as long as their feet quit growing! Aren't they so sweet...they look like real chubby cheeked babies!

Lunch date

Today my mom and I and Mahlon and Sara Beth had lunch with one of her best friends from high school Rebecca (my namesake). She invited us to her house and we had great food (chicken salad, fruit salad and cheesecake)and interaction with another adult. It was so nice to get out of the house (where I have been for 9 weeks!!)

After lunch we had our big doctor appointment...our first shots! We had a good doctors visit. Sara Beth and Mahlon both weigh 9 lbs! They are so big now and so heavy! Mahlon is 21 3/4 inches long and Sara Beth is 21 inches long. They have caught up to average size for a 7 week old...no longer premies! I have a feeling it won't be long before they are larger than average. Dr. Storey was so proud of them. She also suggested a change in their formula ( we have to supplement about 1/3 of the milk) so hopefully they won't spit up as much and sleep more. We are just a little sleep deprived!

I am blogging at 10pm...the first quiet moment we have had since 6pm. I had heard shots were bad, but I had no idea they were this bad!! These babies have got some lungs. We have never heard such screaming. They are now asleep but if anything wakes them up they just start screaming all over again. I have feeling we won't be getting any sleep tonight (and Cheri went home today, so she is not here to help!!)THIS TOO SHALL PASS!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Eating like big babies!

Several of our friends and family generously gave us money (instead of gifts) to buy something for the babies. Well this is what it bought. TWO high chairs!! And today while I was crazily shopping at Super Wal-mart, Cheri propped up Sara Beth and Mahlon and gave them both a bottle all by herself! I am super impressed! When you have two screaming babies you have to get creative or you will go CRAZY!

Trip to Soso

These are pictures from our trip to Soso a few weeks ago...I am a little behind. We were hoping to get our first picture with the cows, but Doc said it was a little too hot. They were hiding in the shade. We did get a picture of the lake where Mahlon ans Sara Beth are going to learn to fish!

Monday, September 15, 2008

What do we have in common??

Great Daddy Day is the Original Mahlon Wesley Day...little Mahlon has the same sweet forehead wrinkles. Cheri says these wrinkles are a sign of a great thinker! (with big foot too!)

Friday, September 12, 2008

Sweet Babies

Just had to show off sweet pictures at nap time!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

It a Mall Word atter All!

Last night we decided to be brave and take the babies out to dinner. We (Wesley, Cheri and myself) thought it would be a good idea to eat at Papitos on the patio with the babies and keep them covered from any germs (yeah right) Half way to Papitos, it started pouring rain!! We had 2 options...turn around or brave the crowd inside!! Of course we decided to eat. They sat us in a large corner booth away from most of the people which was nice. Then of all things last night was the Mariachi bands night to play. Mahlon slept the entire time, and Sara Beth (who always wakes up when she smells food) was wide awake and a little fussy. Luckily the band was so loud no one around could hear her cry. The band made it to our table and wanted to sing to the crying baby...who at this point has been passed from me (so I could eat) to Cheri. So they sang "It a Mall Word atter All"...do you know what song that is?? If you guessed "It's A Small World After All" then you are correct! We had to bite our lips to keep from laughing. They were so cute though! And so proud to get Sara Beth to stop fussing. She loves music!! I guess we should plan a trip to Disney World so she can go on the Small World ride! Doc, Uncle Brian and Wesley are just dying to go back after the Jefcoat family trip we took there a few years ago!!Just Kidding!! For a meal outside of our own kitchen it wasn't that bad. I usually end up holding a baby during most meals anyway!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Ya'll may be tired of seeing bath pictures, but we think this is too cute! Sara Beth's hair is getting so long, she can now have a mohawk!

Remote HOG!

This morning after his breakfast Mahlon sat down next to his daddy to watch a little sports center...this is the beginning of a long football season (especially for the BULLDOGS!)

Tax Time

This is a cute reminder, for those of you who pay quarterly taxes, that tax day is September 15. We have 2 extra write offs this year!! Isn't this one a cutie in his TAX DEDUCTION onsie from Katie!

Welcome back Cheri!

Cheri came back on Monday to double trouble! We think Mahlon and Sara Beth both have reflux (they are my babies...and you know the issues I have with reflux!) One thing the doctor (and Baby 411 a fabulous book!) said we needed to do is hold them upright after meals for 20-30 minutes. This makes for a VERY long feeding! That's what grandmothers are for right?! Both babies are now on Zantac and starting to feel a little better...which makes me feel better and keeps the crying to a minimum.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

New toys!

This week we are finally big enough to swing, glide and bounce. We are both about 7 pounds...can you believe it!! This is little Mahlon in his glider holding on tight to his binkie! They love to move!

Another photo shoot

So my mom and I attempted to get the birth announcement pictures again...I have a huge respect for photographers. We took probably 50 pictures and we may have gotten 3 with both of their eyes open...they were pooped when we were finally done!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Long Legs

Mahlon has a tendency to stay all balled up when he sleeps. On Wednesday Abby came over and he stretched out as tall as he could stretch!! What long legs he has! Wonder where those came from?

More Poop!!!

As if we don't have enough things that poop in our house(2 babies and 2 cats)
...these geese had a picnic in our front yard post Gustav!! They left such a mess...YUCK!!!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Gran and Daddy Day

Gran and Daddy Day spent Labor weekend with us and boy did they have to work...double the diapers, double the bottles, double the hugs and kisses too!!

Lee Ann and Logan

On Sunday our friends Lee Ann and Logan came to visit from Ohio...Logan was born in January and I think he is bigger than Mahlon and Sara Beth together (thanks to his mommy making homemade baby food!!)Maybe next they visit we'll be big enough to play!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Dress up!

This is a little baby doll dress that was given to Sara Beth with a "big girl" 12 month dress that matches...this summer she can wear the baby doll dress and next summer she can wear the big girl dress!! Thanks Brinkley