Wesley, Rebecca, Mahlon and Sara Beth

Making memories TWO at a time!

Monday, September 26, 2011

We headed to Soso for the weekend to visit Doc and Cheri and let daddy help Doc on the farm(lots of tractor riding.) The weather was great so most of our weekend was spent outside talking to cows, feeding the cows, and fishing!
Sara Beth thought she wanted to milk a cow until she saw it in real life...not quite like the cow at the children's museum...this one smelled and was pretty muddy!!!
She did LOVE playing in the hay with daddy! Something I did almost every Sunday afternoon growing up!

And the trip to Soso is never complete until we've riden the tractor and fed the cows!

Mahlon, Sara Beth and daddy filling up 12 sacks of feed to help Doc feed!
Helping Doc carry the bag of feed...what a good helper!
This girl is the animal whisperer...she can get just about any animal to do whatever she wants them to do!

I think Sara Beth is talking to Mater in this pic...They have their own cows named...Mahlon's are Lightening McQueen and Mater and Sara Beth's are Snow White, Cinderella and Princess!
I finally got a few updated family photos!

Random Pictures

Just catching up on a few random pics from my cell phone...not really in any order, but too cute to not post!
Wesley was in a 7 hour adventure race Labor Day weekend in Memphis...yes 7 HOURS!! Running, biking, navigating with a map and compass and a few surprise twists for 7 HOURS!!!

We managed to track daddy down a couple of times and this was at the end of the race...Mahlon and Sara Beth were "trail running" just like daddy! They were having a blast!
And here is daddy at the finish line!

We love playing with our sweet friend Kaden...what a cute little trio!

Mahlon and Sara Beth LOVE painting! This was one of my painting days that turned into one of their painting days! They wanted to paint on wood just like mommy! Mahlon painted lots of orange for Aunt Maggie since that is her favorite color and S.B. painted lots of pink for Doc and Cheri since that is S.B.'s favorite color!

Cheri and Doc brought Sara Beth a tea set from their vacation in New York. And now we have weekly tea themed tea parties. Sometimes they have dolls, or trucks or animals...this one was a Royal Tea Party with Briar Rose(Sleeping Beauty) and prince Phillip(her prince.) I just love their little imaginations!

This little princess loves bathtime...but she really loves wearing mommy's bath robe and hair towel afterwards!

First Day of School!

September 6th was a big day at our house!Sara Beth and Mahlon started a new school this year! They are going to Broadmoor Baptist Church and they LOVE it!! In fact they are sad on the days they don't go to school! It usually takes a few days to get out of them what they actually do at school but they are learning so much! They sing me the songs they learn and they come home with some of the cutest art projects! Something new for us is that they are in separate classes for the first time!! I think is was more difficult for me that first week than it was for them!

They were so excited to have new lunchboxes and backpacks for their new school!

Thursday, September 15, 2011


We went up to Memphis for the MS State/Memphis game...the first game of the season! Mahlon and Sara Beth had soooo much fun! They were all dressed up in MSU gear!! Mahlon wasn't sure why he couldn't be on the field with all of the other boys in their jerseys. And if you ask Sara Beth about the game she'll tell you "I cheered and cheered the whole time, but I didn't get to go on the field with all of the other cheerleaders!" Poor thing...she was broken hearted! I promised her that we could go to a highschool game and maybe she could cheer with those cheerleaders! It was quite warm and you can tell from the rosie cheeks on the kiddos!

Happy Birthday daddy!

This year for daddy's birthday we something extra special...

Mahlon and Sara Beth decorated the cake by themselves!
They had so much fun! They were precious...they ate about 50% of the icing while decorating! They were so proud and couldn't wait to surprise their daddy!
The finished product with a little help from mommy.
Blowing out the candles...Mahlon had his lightening McQueen candle from his cake and Sara Beth had her Cinderella candle and daddy just had plain old candles!
And this is what happens when you mix 8 different colors of icing together!

And of course he had two little helpers to help open presents!!
Happy Birthday Daddy! We love you so much and we are so blessed to have you in our lives. Thank you for all that you do. You're a wonderful daddy, husband and best friend! XOXO

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Disney Character Brunch

The restaurant "Mint" did a fundraiser for the American Cancer society and had a Disney Character brunch! You would have thought we were in Disney World. Sara Beth dressed up for a second time as Cinderella and Mahlon wore a cape and crown to be a prince. The kiddos took about a half hour to warm up to the princesses and characters, but once they did it was all hugs and smiles with their favorites!
Big Mickey Mouse hug!
We went with our neighbor Brinley and she was a princess too! With Ariel(aka Mahlon's girlfriend), Snow White and Mickey
Buzz Lightyear and Woody

Snow White
Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)
Minnie Mouse

Sara Beth was much more friendly than Mahlon but he got a few pics with his favorites!
Though these characters/costumes don't quite look like the ones in our movies I think they were close enough!! Now we just need a trip to Disney World for the real thing!!

Random Pics

These are just a few random pics, but too cute not put on the blog.
This is what happens when you leave your child for too long while "coloring" with markers...she colored herself! Thank goodness for washable markers!

Mahlon and Sara Beth are loving riding their bikes...this night they made the entire loop around the neighborhood...3/4 mile!

And daddy, Mahlon and Sara Beth have a new Monday night tradition...PIZZA NIGHT! I teach a pilates class and I'm usually gone for about 1 hour 45 min so making pizza keeps everyone entertained! They help "mash" the dough, spread the sauce (which they end up eating most of), sprinkle the cheese...or what is left of it after they snack on it! And then they add topping...pepperoni or ham and pineapple. They have so much fun and look forward to it every Monday! And the little princess of course has her dress on!

MHC tea party

This summer our church had lots of events to entertain little ones while not in school. One of our favorites was the dress up tea party for moms and daughters. And Cinderella was the surprise guest!! Oh what fun! Sara Beth was a little scared at first, but once she realized she looked like Cinderella's "mini-me" she was smitten!! I think she sat in her lap most of the time when she wasn't slurping her pink lemonade or decorating her cupcake!! The girls had such a fun time and loved being all grown using REAL china!! Now she likes to have tea parties of her own every week!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A few more pictures from the birthday weekend!
Daddy Day brought Mahlon the choo-choo toy box on wheels that his dad(Great Granddaddy Day/Mahlon Wesley Day) built for him when he was a little boy, then Wesley used it when he was a child and now it is little Mahlon's turn!! How special to have something passed down through that many generations!

Also got some cute pictures of Aunt Lani and Uncle Brian with the kiddos and a quick snap of M. and S.B. tackling and wrestling Uncle Brian to the ground...I think the double days won!!