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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Our latest project!!

For a few months now we have been discussing the urgent need for big boy/big girl beds! SO why not build them ourselves!! Yes we are crazy! We found an awesome website www.ana-white.com that has detailed plans for building all kinds of things! And we picked out the perfect day beds! I'm sharing photos of the progress we've made so far on bed number one!! But you'll have to wait til we finish bed number 2 to see it all together with bedding, sheets, pillows and storage baskets!!

This is what we started with day 1!!

After a few cuts, lots and lots of sanding and few days later we had part of the first storage box complete! This was a huge accomplishment!!
We had the best little helpers!! They loved every minute of "making their beds"!

By the end of that day we had 3 boxes!!

And after a few more days and lots of sanding and staining and filling holes and sanding and staining more this is what we had!

Then we had to add the trim (again, more sanding and staining and filling more nail holes!!!!)
And 2 1/2 weeks later this is almost the final product!!

I have added one more coat of stain to finish bed #1 and this weekend we start on #2!! I'm not sure who is more proud Wesley and me or the babies!!
We have learned a lot through this process and hopefully the next one will go much more smoothly!! I'll post pics once we've moved in the new furniture!! P.S. I now know why pottery barn charges $899 for this same bed!!! But it is sooooo worth for us to work on it together and see those sweet babies beaming faces each time they walk into the garage!!