Wesley, Rebecca, Mahlon and Sara Beth

Making memories TWO at a time!

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Easter happys!!

Doc and Cheri sent us a few early Easter happys coloring books, new monogrammed beach towels and of course the most favorite were the new Cinderella and Prince Charming dolls!! For several days they wanted to sleep with them, dance with them and Sara Beth even took off Prince Charming's gloves and tried to make them fit on her daddy's hands!! She wanted him to be her prince!! So precious! She can get him to dance much easier than I have ever been able too!! Wish I had a picture of that!
WE love opening presents!!

I love the smiles on their faces when they saw their new dolls!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Double Trouble

So for almost 3 years now when people find out I have twins they always say "how do you do it?...or you have your hands full...or I can't imagine how hard it is"...Guess what your right!! And the following pictures are just a little taste of the "double trouble" twins can get into!!!
Lately they have been trying to cut out their nap...I am sooooo not ready for this and they aren't either! They still need a short nap and so I still put them in their room for "quiet time." With two almost 3 year olds there is not much "quiet time!!"
The other day I needed to get a few art projects done so I was outside sanding and cloroxing and the baby monitor died...Wesley was inside working so I wasn't worried about them. And 10 minutes later he told me I needed to come inside. I turned the corner to see two half dressed soaking wet children!!!!
Apparently they thought it was a good idea to stuff a roll of toilet paper in the sink and turn the water on high!! Once the sink was full the toilet paper started coming off in clumps and those clumps then covered the walls, mirror, floor, cabinets etc...(kinda reminded me of those spit balls from high school!!) The entire bathroom was flooded and the floor had standing water and about a foot and a half of the carpet in their room was wet as well!! What a mess!!! 2 little minds can get into a lot of trouble!! DOUBLE TROUBLE!! These are a couple of pictures I took...
Picture one...lots of standing water and water dripping off of the counter into the drawers and cabinets...LOVELY!!

Now you can see little bits of and clumps of toilet paper EVERYWHERE!

It took about 45 minutes to clean up and we are still finding little bits of toilet paper dried up in odd places in the bathroom!!

And 2 days later during "nap/quiet time" my two little curious georges decided it would be fun to coat the lower half of their bodies in Boudreaux's Butt paste! Mahlon was Sara Beth started screaming that she needed to go potty and due to the previous incident the bathroom was locked! So I took of running to get her to the potty and walked in to see the mess!!! They were covered...especially Mahlon...and the brown rocker that he was sitting in! What a mess and what a STRONG smell!! Their nice church clothes that they were wearing now have oil stains on them!! I steamed the rocker, but it didn't help much...at least it is dark!!
These incidents happened 2 days apart and I thought for sure if things kept going in this direction I would either be bald or end up at Whitfield!!
I now have a video monitor a friend is letting me use so now I can spy on them! Thankfully they haven't gotten into anything else...knock on wood!!

Max and Ruby

Back to the pretending...I was cleaning the kitchen after dinner the other night and Mahlon and Sara Beth were in the dining room playing so well together and giggling so I thought I should peak in and this is what I found!

They moved all of the chairs in a straight line and were pretending to be Max and Ruby(a brother/sister bunny cartoon) and they said they were trying to earn "bunny scout" badges!! They are so smart!! Not sure how climbing chairs earns a badge, but maybe it was like climbing a mountain??

Now about once a week they try to earn a new badge! Guess one day I'm gonna have a little boy/girl scout!

Easter Pictures take1

My plan this year was to go out and take sweet pictures and make an Easter card in our precious Easter outfits! But it is almost impossible to get 2 almost 3 year olds to sit still, look in the same direction and SMILE at the same time!! So no Easter card this year, but here are a few sweet pics!!

I asked Mahlon to kiss sissy and he grab those chubby cheeks of hers and layed on her!! Look out ladies!!

And I have always loved pictures of them holding hands...can you believe how much taller he is?!? Oh and gotta love the knee socks wrapped around his ankles...he hates those things, but they are so sweet!!!

Pretend and Dress-Up

Mahlon and Sara Beth are so good at pretending and playing dress-up. If she is a princess she will tell us who she is (Cindrella, Jasmine, Snow White...) and then he will let us know what prince he is or if he is a horse, or witch or wizard. They are very entertaining! And if they are in "in character" they only answer by name (example Princess Jasmine and Alladin) During Christmas they loved to be Mary and Joseph and they would push baby Jesus around in the stroller. Well it has progressed...the other day they were pretending to be Mary and Joseph and they used their "blank-blanks" to wrap around their heads(just like all of the pictures) and they stuffed their "hop-hops" down their shirts to be just like Mary! And at one point Mahlon wrap baby hop-hop Jesus in his blanket and gave him a kiss!! LOVE IT!! LOVE IT!! I so wish I had video of it!! But the pictures are just as precious!!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

St. Paddy's Parade

These are a few pictures from the St. Paddy's children's parade. We didn't have a whole lot of green on, but Mahlon had an awesome bow tie and Sara Beth had an Irish Princess tiara...though she didn't wear it long! I think they were a little overwhelmed by all of the people, but they really enjoyed the "marchin' band"(aka the parade) No, there was no marching band, but apparently they saw a parade on TV and thought that all parades had marching bands so they renamed it. This parade featured children dressed up in all kinds of green with decorated strollers, wagons and bikes throwing beads and candy...we just might have to participate next year!

We did get to meet the Chick-fil-a cow(our favorite restaurant) What kills me is that Sara Beth was terrified of the cow, yet she will walk right up to one of Doc's cows and have a full conversation!! Mahlon just needed a little help from daddy to get his picture made!

Inky the clown was there doing all kinds of magic tricks and making balloon animals and he even gave us a magic wand that had a poster inside! We spent most of the afternoon painting our new Inky poster! They love to paint posters or even each other!! Mahlon painted Sara Beth first, then decided he needed a little too!

Friday, April 1, 2011

The Zoo.

We are loving the sunshine and spring weather! We went to the zoo with our friend Logan and had so much fun!! It is kind of hard to get 3 kids to stay still and look in the same direction so I don't have very many picture to document the trip!
The alligator tail was lots of fun to sit on and wiggle around!

They loved watching the flamigos, though these are a little more orange than pink?!
The highlight was the fish and turtles and frogs(and air conditioning!) And of course the loved the monkeys too, but my little monkeys were too busy for a picture there!