Wesley, Rebecca, Mahlon and Sara Beth

Making memories TWO at a time!

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Happy Birthday Dinner Part4

So we had long day of eating, playing, eating, playing, and it was time to eat agian...the last one of our favorite things to do is eat MEXICAN! Sara Beth loves the cheese dip and rice and Mahlon loves the Salsa, taco meat and beans!
Unfortunatly after all of the eating done on their birthday they didn't enjoy much for dinner until their birthday desserts arrived! The waiters were so busy they couldn't sing, but we got yummy desserts! Mahlon wasn't interested but S.B. dug in!

And on the way home Sara Beth announced "my tum-tum!!!" She had a bad tummy ache and a few hours later we got to see all that she had eaten AGAIN!!! Lesson learned...next year we'll either do a favorite meal each day of the week or just choose one birthday meal and call it done!

Our birthday festivities aren't over yet! We are heading to the beach next week for more quality time with mommy and daddy! We missed him sooooo much while he was away!

And we'll get home just in time to have a birthday party with our friends!! Two turning Two is exhausting but soooo much fun! Not sure how we can top this year...next year turning three!!

Happy Birthday Cupcakes part3

After all of us took a LONG nap it was time for candles, cupcakes, and more presents! Since we had already eaten a cookie cake this week we decided against another whole cake. We had oversized cupcakes and ice cream with cupcake candles to match! The babies love the Happy Birthday song and clap and cheer after we sing it so we sang it all day
Our fun candles!!
Blowing out the candles!!

Eating yummy cupcakes and ice cream!

Then we had a play date with Ollie and baby Danni and got to open more presents and play kitchen chefs with Ollie! Ollie and Danni gave us all kinds of pretend food and plates and cups to play with in our kitchen!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Part2 splash pad

After breakfast and playing for a bit with our new "prizes" this morning we headed to the Splash Pad at Shiloh Park! So much fun!! I have about a million pictures, but won't show them all now:) Daddy did most of the playing and mommy took pictures. We had a blast and you can tell by the smiles on their sweet faces! We played for about 1 1/2 hour and we were all pooped by the end! Then it was off to Chick-fil-A, our favorite lunch spot!

Happy 2nd Birthday Mahlon and Sara Beth!! Part 1

We had the biggest birthday celebration ever!! We started out this morning getting our swim suits(see part 2) on and then had a big breakfast of animal shaped(cow, pig, rooster) pancakes! Yummy! Then the "prizes" (as S.B. calls them) started coming!! They saw their kitchen set first thing this morning(kinda hard to hide!)Thanks Doc and Cheri...this occupied most of the morning...open/close frig, open/close freezer, open/close oven, and then they opened more gifts from Aunt Diane...pots and pans and pretend food to fill the pantry!! Sooo fun!!

And then we gave them aprons and chef hats to top it all off!! They had the best time "cooking" and feeding each other and us! Now they just have to get the hang of "you cook, you clean!!"


Birthday Celebrations in the Day household usually last about a week...this was a big week for us! TWO babies turning TWO equals exhaustion!! And YES I know they aren't babies anymore, but I hate saying "the twins" and Mahlon and Sara Beth is a lot to type, so I am just going to keep saying babies:)Tuesday we went with a group from church to see Charlotte's Web...we lasted about an hour in the movie theater, I think we were disturbing the people around us a bit since every time a different animal or the big red barn popped up on the screen one of them yelled "farm, barn, cow...moooo, pig...snort snort, sheep...baaaa" you get the idea! So we left and headed to Chick-fil-A for playtime and chic-chic & fries, followed by a VERY long nap!
Wednesday we celebrated at Mother's Morning Out with Elmo cookie cake(that I made during the long nap on Tuesday)These pictures are before we left for school. I didn't show them the cake until that morning!

Then daddy finally made it home from Colorado(after 24 days away)!! So after another long nap we spent the afternoon playing with daddy and showing him all of our new "tricks". And he brought us a "prize" from Colorado...tickle hands and a tickle book...really cute and the babies love it! Not sure if they had more fun being tickled or tickling us! So sweet!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

My first hike!

I flew out to Colorado this week to see Wesley and have a little vacation! My mom and Aunt Diane kept the babies and I got to relax! They were so busy they didn't have much time for pictures, but I got some great ones!

I went on my first "real" hike in Rocky Mountain National Park, ate lots of yummy food, had a massage and pedicure, took lots of naps...perfect mommy vacation! These are some of the pictures from our hike...the pictures don't even show the real beauty of the mountains!
Wesley has no fear...he looks like he could've fallen off the side of the mountain!
We hiked up to this beautiful lake...about 1 1/2 miles had a snack on a little beach(sand and waves included)then headed back down!

Then we took a much shorter/easier hike to this beautiful water fall!

Our hiking was cut a bit short due to these dark clouds lingering!! On our way out of the park(luckily we were in the car) it started hailing!!