Wesley, Rebecca, Mahlon and Sara Beth

Making memories TWO at a time!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

We are going to be pumpkins for Halloween! Thought this video was too cute not to share! Still have too find something other than a diaper to wear under the pumpkin outfit, but it's a start! S.B. has spooky pumpkin slippers to wear with her outfit! I think we'll be the cutest twin pumpkins ever! HA! Sara Beth was not wild about being a pumpkin...laid back Mahlon could care less. He was in his own little world toddling around!

Sunday, September 27, 2009


We are ready for Fall at our house! It is getting harder and harder to get them to sit still for pictures, but now that they can sit on the hearth of the fireplace they think they are "big"! Sara Beth is a drooling machine these days...she is cutting one of her molars! Ouch! I don't think she drooled this bad with any of the other eight!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

The next Food Network Star??

Had to show you one of Wesley's new "toys." For his birthday my parent's gave him a rotisserie for the grill. Since he has mastered the art of Mexican food, he has decided to experiment with Greek! He already makes a yummy hummus and today he made lamb gyros! Ground lamb mashed and mixed with all kinds of spices, onion, garlic...stick it on the rotisserie and watch it go! Watch out Kiefer's, you've got a little competition!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Little Joseph Hines Mckinley was born this morning. And mom, Mahlon, Sara Beth and I got to go visit him this afternoon. He is soooo cute and tiny! It is hard to believe that he weighs almost 2 1/2 pounds more than Mahlon and Sara Beth when they were born! I can't even remember how tiny they were! Mommy, Daddy, Sarah and Joseph are all doing well! We can't wait till he's big enough to play! I think he and Mahlon might be close to the same size when they grow up.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

This morning I walked out to find Mahlon tucked inside of the toy tub! Yesterday was the first time he did it and he was upside down legs in the air screaming and S.B. was trying to pull him out. I missed it, but Cheri said it was hilarious.

So I guess he thought he'd try it again. When I frist saw him, he was just sitting there emptying out all of the toys. I got him out, walked away and heard him squeal...this time I couldn't see him without going over there...he was all curled up and STUCK!!

Sara Beth was trying hard to help him get out!! Boys will be boys!!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

I know you are dying to see these babies walking...problem is everytime I get the camera out, they sit down or crawl over to me! This weekend while Cheri was here I got a few steps on video. Mahlon LOVES walking! He can take about 15 steps, and if he falls he gets right back up and takes off again or he walks on his knees(ouch!)Sara Beth is VERY cautious she hates to fall. If she is holding your finger she'll walk all over the place, let go and she'll take a few steps and just stand there. She loves to stand up and has great balance! She is also a climber! Today she pushed the kitchen chair out from the table, climbed in it and then continued climbing until she was on the table!! She is Wesley's baby girl for sure! I am terrified of heights! She climbs on things and grins from ear to ear shaking her booty...that she got from me:)

Big Helper

This video is from this morning after breakfast. Sara Beth made a MESS! Her hair is full of food, and she threw her sippie cup of milk down and coated the wall in it! Cheri was cleaning it up and S.B. decided she wanted to "help." I think she sucked more of the water/milk out of the rag than anything, but she thought she was such a big helper! I am looking forward to the day when my 2 Messy Marvins can clean up after they mess up!

Friday, September 18, 2009

This one is for Daddy Day...Mahlon of course is doing all of the work and the little princess is getting a free ride!

This one is a few weeks old, but I had to put it on for Shay! She gave us the fun Wheely Bug. They can't quite ride it yet, but love to push it around(crawling and walking)

We love daddy "THIS MUCH"

Since daddy has been traveling so much we thought we would make him a little miss you video...especially from daddy's little girl!

Had to show you how cute Sara Beth is.

This picture is of tiny Sara Beth a few weeks old. She is wearing the baby doll dress!

These pics are of a big girl(13 1/2 months old), in her size 12 month dress, holding her baby doll in that same dress! I can't believe she was soooo tiny!! She is also reading to her sweet baby!

Sorry it has been a while since I posted...I have a lot of catching up to do! Wesley was out of town for 9 days! Now do you understand why I have posted??!!

Sara spent last weekend with us and helped with the babies, went grocery shopping with us and painted with me too! I'm not sure who was more tired...me, Sara or the babies! We had a busy but fun weekend! Thanks for all of your help!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Fun play date!

We finally got to meet Elizabeth (Beth and Edward's little girl) Beth, Elizabeth, Mrs. Mary, and Sarah(Jamie's daughter) came over yesterday to play! Sarah was busy playing with the babies toys, Mahlon and Sara Beth were loving having a friend to play with and a baby to kiss on! Mrs. Mary, Beth and I had a great time catching up!

Mommies and Babies! Beth and I have been friends since Junior high! Can't believe we are both mommies now! We have so many great memories!

Mommies rarely get to be in pictures with their babies...we are usually behind the camera!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

On the move!

Mahlon was our half-time entertainment since we missed the Sonic Boom! We forgot to bring anything mobile to Doc and Cheri's so Mahlon made his own! Literally he turned the basket on its side and took off!! He made several laps around the house before I got him on video and he laughed the whole time! I hate I didn't get the giggles on video. I have this really bad feeling that once he lets go of his walking toys it is going to be a bad day at our house...I think he is going to skip walking and just start running!


We weren't in Starkville, but we still cheered on the dawgs in our Maroon and White! We're spending the weekend in Soso, Wesley is tractor riding to help catch Doc up since he was out of commission for for 6 weeks. Cheri and I tried to keep up with the babies all weekend...her house is much larger than ours and there are WAY too many places for little ones to hide! And they love to climb the stairs so I have had quite a workout...climb up, carry them down, climb up...you get the idea! I need a good workout after all of the yummy food we've eaten! The babies have tried a few new things too including Cheri's famous Smoked Chicken! num num (that's what Mahlon said!)
Mahlon is talking about the leaf in his hand! But he could be saying GO DAWGS!
I love this pic of S.B. She looks like a little cheerleader "READY...OK"

Can't believe I got them both to sit still for 1/2 a second...if they were only looking at the camera!

In my M STATE clothes...camo shoes and all!!

Sara Beth blowing the camera a kiss!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Indoor Playhouse

My mom made this "Indoor Playhouse" for Lani when she was 14 months old. She pulled it out for the babies and had it ready when we got in town. Mahlon thought it was the best thing ever!! This is a glimpse of the squealing he did while playing in it.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

First day of school!

Today was our first day at Mother's Morning Out! The babies looked so cute in their matching polka dots! Cheri helped me get the babies and myself up, fed and dressed before "school." We've never had to be anywhere before 9:30 so I needed back-up help to get my timing down! We were on time! The babies had an easy transition. No tears! YEAH! I spent my free hours working out and cleaning house. We headed back to pick them up 3 short hours later and they were all smiles...sleepy but happy. This is the longest they have gone without a nap so when we got home they had a quick lunch and were in bed by 12:20...the best part they slept until 3:45!! I vacuumed and mopped and I got a nap too! Can we go to MMO everyday??? These pics are post nap and MMO...
I'm a big girl holding my backpack!

What is in this thing???

Mahlon on the move...he never sits still long enough for a picture!

This is Sara Beth holding her "Bumble Bee" Her new favorite song is I'm bringing home a baby bumble bee...I'm singing and she is doing the motions! Too cute!

SO I didn't get all of my cleaning supplies put away before nap time ended, so the babies thought they would "help" clean. They love the vacuum cleaner and Mahlon found the duster and actually dusted Sara Beth's face! She giggled...guess I'll know tomorrow if she is allergic to dust!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Daddy's girl!

Am I and the cutest thing you've ever seen or what??? That is what my daddy tells me!Daddy did my hair! Sara Beth is the biggest daddy's girl I have ever seen. She doesn't think he "hung the moon", she knows he did!! She loves her daddy!

Showing off another b'day present. Shay gave us a Cow Wheely Bug! I have never seen these before. They are the cutest push/ride toys. They have what I call "office chair" wheels and they can move in any/all directions and they move fast. They have several different animals, but she chose the cow for DOC!

Mama I stuck!!

S.B. likes to sit on the cushy cow!

Now Mahlon is on the move!!

Sara Beth decided to put her bow in herself. Not sure how she did it, but she has the cutest ponytail! She loves to her you say "sooooo pretty!" She usually reaches for her bow and rolls her eyes(trying to bat her lashes)

29 on the 29th!

Saturday was Wesley's Golden Birthday! He turned 29 on the 29th! I LOVE birthdays...but I felt soooo unorganized for his birthday this year. He said he didn't want a cake, so I didn't make one or even buy one! How sad!! I think that is why it didn't feel like a b'day. We had a busy day and did lots of things he wanted to do. We went for a morning stroll and then he ran(using his new running water belt and his new cushy socks)both b'day presents. Then we had lunch and went swimming. The babies love the water! And we finished the night with a fabulous dinner at Ro Chez. If you live in Jackson and haven't eaten there you need to go. It was a unique dining experience. We loved it and will go back! Thanks Sara for babysitting!! We were there for 2 1/2 hours and had 6 courses. Each one better than the last! Very laid back atmosphere and delicious food!( www.rochezdining.com ) I may have to post the menu once Wesley is home to scan it! We even ate Soft Shell Crawfish...never heard of that!! This was the perfect place to take "the chef" to eat. He loved it! I only have one picture of him opening a gift...OOPS! I am telling you this was not a typical Rebecca birthday celebration...he did get showered with gifts and he still has one left. We are either going back to Ro Chez for one of their cooking classes or we are going to the Viking Cooking school in Ridgeland. I love it...his b'day present is will benefit me!! More great meals/recipes!!Happy Birthday Wesley!!